“Thanks for being so amazing and coming into my life”

Maya is in my opinion the best at providing clarity with very difficult circumstances that come up in life that may be hard to understand. She gives you the information straight, without sugar coating and you have a sense of relief even after one session. I have worked with many experts and I can say that Maya is definitely one of my favorite go to people to gain CLARITY. I highly recommend you give it a shot if you are someone that wants to move forward fast and to really get what is occurring on a personal level for you.

Thank you Maya!

Maria A. Andros,

“Maya White exudes love, grace, humility and her wisdom and ability are amazing and stunningly accurate. I found her to be a conduit for clarity, transformation and sustainability. It doesn’t matter if you are in search of your career path/life purpose, wondering which geographic location is most suitable for you or in a quandary about your love life. You’ll want to seek her expert knowledge. Anyone needing direction will be catapulted to take massive action after just one consultation. Maya is the best of the best and she provides the blueprint for you to be too.”

Michelle Anton,

Television producer, media coach, keynote speaker, and author of the bestseller “Weekend Entrepreneur, 101 Great Ways to Earn Extra Cash.”