Your Natal Chart

Astrology Natal Chart Reading by Maya White

YOUR NATAL CHART & UPDATES  60 minutes  $397

I Want to Give you the Best Astrology Reading of Your Life

Your birth chart is a ledger of your sacred soul contract. My passion in Natal Chart readings is to help you understand your Life Purpose and Soul Mission, and then know how to apply this amazing wisdom to transform your life.


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This astrology reading will also address AstroCartoGraphy locations, your best places to live or travel to, and as time allows, I will help you identify your PowerCenters – your most empowered places on the earth.

I can help you understand and apply the Astrology Code that is held within your birth chart.

My goal for every astrology reading is to move beyond what you can find for free on the internet, and to speak about it in a language that's easy for you to understand. AstroCartoGraphy adds invaluable information that guides you to your best places to find love and money, success and happiness.

Once you schedule your NATAL CHART & UPDATE READING, I'll contact you personally by email.

During the scheduling process, you'll be asked to enter your contact and information and date, time, and place of birth. I want to confirm that your birth data is correct before I do my preparation for your reading.

I also invite you to share your reasons for scheduling the reading to guide me on how I can best be of service.

Your Reading Includes:
* A 60 minute recorded consultation done by telephone or Zoom.
* A 1 page decorative chart wheel – please print this out for notes while we speak
* Analysis of your natal astrology chart – the gifts, the challenges, the patterns, and the potential
* Update timeline –  a look at your major transits for the year ahead
* Answers to your questions – I welcome your feedback on real life experiences, and want to address your specifics

This reading also qualifies you for a 30 minute follow up at a discounted price if scheduled within 7 days.

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Looking forward to speaking with you soon!

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