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Maya explains what AstroCartoGraphy and Astrological Mapping are, as well as how these fascinating maps shape life experiences. AstroCartoGraphy provided answers for Maya’s own life that nothing else could address.

Conversations with Maya White ~ VoyageMIA

“Thankfully, through a twist of fate, my life brought me to a place where I rediscovered astrology, and specifically, the guidance of AstroCartoGraphy to make sense of my life. I truly love what I do, and am grateful that I get to do this work.”

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Maya White shares destination suggestions for where to go next based on the 12 zodiac signs—because it’s never too soon to start planning. Living in alignment with the stars helps to guide you to your best places for success and happiness.

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A very special episode. Astrocartographer and Astrologer Maya White joins the podcast. AstroCartoGraphy is a specialized branch of astrology that shows YOUR best place to live or travel to. Kristen talks about her one-on-one reading with Maya.

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