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by Maya White, Master Destination Astrologer

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Astrological predictions and spiritual guidance by Maya White. Get your May 2020 Sun Sign horoscope here. How does the month ahead look for you? 

May 2020 is a unique month in that THREE planets go retrograde; Saturn on May 11, Venus on May 13, and Jupiter on May 14. Although the planets are in apparent backwards motion, you can still move forward.

Use these days of May and become a Time Travele...

Wednesday, April 22, 2020
The Taurus new moon teaches you how to create heaven on earth

The Taurus new moon of April 22 is about making decisions and even taking risks, not just playing in the fields. 

Within these challenging days, I hope that you and your family are safe, and that you’ve been finding time to connect with nature.

Surely, this has been a time for everyone to regroup, and the sign of Taurus is all about the earth.

Each new and full moon carries messages in the way that it interacts with the other planets, and this one is loud and clear. With the moon square, or in challenging aspect to Pluto, Jupiter, and Saturn, the theme is about stepping out o...