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by Maya White, Master Destination Astrologer

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Astrological predictions and spiritual guidance by Maya White. Get your June 2021 Sun Sign horoscope here. How does the month ahead look for you? 

June 2021 is your time to regroup, reorganize, and regain your center. Venus trine Jupiter on June 3rd sets the tone for this month. These two planets are the ‘benefactor planets of astrology.

Yes, Venus trine Jupiter can make you unmotivated, but it ...

Sunday, June 13, 2021

summer solstice

Yesterday, June 20th, just before midnight (Eastern US, Monday, June 21st at 3:32 UTC), the Sun entered Cancer – the marker of Solstice!


In addition, there are more astrological events that add to the significance of Solstice 2021. 


We are still eagerly waiting for Mercury to station direct (June 22nd); the days before Mercury changes direction can feel a bit like the doldrums. 


 But, don't be anxious; instead, you can enjoy this planetary respite. 


Right now, Mercury is also standing still, otherwise known as a ‘station.'


During this time, this station will intensify Mercury's energy.


Essentially, Mercury is rest...