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Astrology Readings – Packages & Pricing

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Destiny Reading ~ Combo ACG Maps & Natal Chart

60 minutes – Includes A*C*G Custom Maps & Natal Chart  – $600

Personalized Astro*Carto*Graphy  locations plus Natal Chart. Find out your BEST PLACES for success and understand where you are now. Reading is recorded with audio and video on Zoom.
Discover the Power of Place so You Can Live the Life You Want


NATAL CHART + Updates 

60 minutes – Includes Natal Chart and Location Questions –  $397  

Birth Chart and AstroCartoGraphy locations. Timing; Relationships; Where to live or travel to. This is the reading to choose if you want to know about your best AstroCartoGraphy locations, but don't need a map.

PowerCenter ACCESS READING – $998

90 minutes. Get lifetime access to your own personal, interactive PowerCenter Map. This is a cutting edge AstroCartoGraphy map which shows your map lines displayed on Google maps.  I instruct you how to maximize the information held in this map, guide you in choosing optimum locations for you on the earth, and empower you to make your own decisions.  Session is recorded with video and audio on Zoom.