Combo Reading

Natal Chart Reading & AstroCartoGraphy Map Reading

MW_headshot_with_jacket_smCOMBO READING  – 90 minutes

1) Natal Chart Reading and Updates

2) AstroCartoGraphy Maps
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Included in Your Combo Reading:

  • Address your specific questions. You can ask about anything.
  • Show you some quick and easy ways to understand your chart. I like to use visuals, and almost all of my clients say that they have never before had their chart explained the way that I do.
  • Help you integrate the wisdom revealed in your chart into your every day life. I want astrology to really work and will offer you powerful tools and insights.
  • Identify your Best Place for Love & Money. YES! it is possible.
    WITH THIS READING, YOU ALSO GET:* A one page decorative chart wheel*Your 10 page minimum personalized AstroCartoGraphy maps. This is a customized document prepared by me and I address any and all locations you want to know about as well as places that show up as I do my preparation.* Your reading is recorded by me, and after we speak I’ll send you a link to the audio recording.

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This is my most popular reading and it includes your AstroCartoGraphy maps plus Natal Astrology Reading and updates. Click here to learn what AstroCartoGraphy is. Good astrology is about your TRANSFORMATION, and I am passionate about speaking in a language that makes sense to you. This reading is about you finding the best place for you to DO and BE your best!

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This is what people have to say:
‘Thank you very much, Maya.  I enjoyed talking with you.
The most important thing, among many things, that you told me was that Jupiter was in my 2nd house of money….a blessing of finances.  I found it very interesting that I just found out last Wed. Oct. 26th that I won a court case and monetary compensation involving my son’s near death in a ski accident which happened almost 6 years ago.  I also got a check in the mail that I was not expecting on Sat. for $9600. . . . .

The part you said about attracting a mentor and teacher is also true.  I just bumped into a mentor in Minneapolis who is also a Libra born on Oct. 4th, 1946 and met with him on Sept. 14th.  We seem to be almost clones of each other. It was really weird meeting Tom. We have so much in common it is kind of scary.   Having several planets in the 8th house definitely makes me attracted to the unseen world of life after death.  I always wondered why I am fascinated by that.

The communication part is involved in the evolution of my next phase because that is how I will find the partner I am looking for. The AstroCartoGraphy is also very interesting to help market my products.  I have always liked the Rocky Mts. area, Arizona and San Diego. I will now concentrate on the L.A. area.’

Corky Newcomb, VP Marketing
Mirror Lake, New Hampshire