‘Friends and Lovers’ Report

Friends and Lovers Astrological Report:

Price:  $29.95

If you are currently in a relationship—a Friends & Lovers report puts YOU on the fast road to happiness.

If you’re considering becoming more involved (is he or she THE right one?)—order a Friends & Lovers report.

If you would like to learn how to make ANY personal relationship—whether romantic, with family members, with friends, or even with business associates (and yes, even with the boss)—better, more rewarding and fulfilling, you’ll love Friends & Lovers.                 

Friends and Lovers is a Synastry report. If you are not familiar with the term “synastry,” it is one of the foundation techniques of astrology, having been used for centuries.

Friends and Lovers examines you ‘in relationship’; the strengths and weakness, unique challenges, and what roles each person will likely play.

Here is what Quinn has to say:

‘The Friends and Lovers report was exceptionally insightful for my relationship. Not only did the report accurately cover how my friend and I met, but also the evolution of our relationship so far. The personality traits aligned to each of us in a very impressive way, and provided great detail as to how compatible we would be. Based on the accuracy of where the relationship has already been, I am excited to use the report as reference and assistance in planning for future obstacles and more importantly our future successes. I would highly recommend the Friends and Lovers report for anyone who wants a deeper understanding of what makes them and their partner uniquely compatible.’   ~ Quinn, Los Angeles, CA