Pisces Moon – Vestige or Vision?

The Moon Unlocks Many Mysteries

The moon in Pisces today  is serving you a delicious feast of inner healing.  Some will seek their visions through intoxicaton, others through communion; wherever you search takes you, know that the veil between the world is gossamer thin tonight, and the world of Spirit awaits your call.

The moon changes signs every 2 1/2 days, and throughout one month, will spend time in each sign of the zodiac. As the Moon processes through each sign, the powerful lunar vibrations influence all life on earth. You need only look at the ocean tides to remember just how powerful the Moon is on our natural tendencies.

Today the Moon lingers in the soft watery sign of Pisces. Softness can be kind, but it can also nurture negativity through lack of definition. Noted as one of the more psychic signs, the Pisces moon is a time when your intuituion is heightened. So, this is a perfect day to dig deeply into your vibratory well and figure some things out.

We always have a choice between darkness and light. The dark path of Pisces will lead you to vestiges of the past – traces of ghostly remnants which no longer serve you. The Piscean path of Light opens the door to your highest vision and spiritual connecton.

The mystical realm of Spirit and all of its agents of guidance are eagerly awaiting your call. Use the soft energy of this fine day to meet with your Spirit Guides. Fairies and angels; teachers and talking animals – they are calling you NOW!