Star Cast for January 15 – Capricorn New Moon

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My key phrase for this week is: Emergence

This week begins with three favorable lunar aspects:
Moon conjunct Mercury, Moon sextile Neptune,
and Jupiter sextile Pluto.

What this means is that today the moon, or your inner, feeling self, has a great rapport with your desires, and Jupiter sextile Pluto helps you manifest them.

These aspects from the moon make today a most fortunate day to prepare for the Capricorn New Moon which is exact on Tuesday, January 16th .

The glyph, or symbol for Capricorn is the Sea goat, a symbol of manifesting Heaven on Earth.

As a fixed Earth sign, Capricorn speaks to your ability to take a dream, and make it real. As the week begins with a powerful Moon conjunct Mercury, it’s time to tune in to  what you want the rest of 2018 to look like.

What do you want to create?  What do you want to experience? Does travel fit into your plans?

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This Capricorn New Moon will give you clarity on your pathway to make it all happen.

However, one of the secrets revealed by the New Moon chart is Moon square Uranus – this says that you will have to iron out the reasons you have not already done what you want to do, that you’ll have to face your own uncertainty and even deal with the chaos of your own indecision.

Another meaningful event this week is that the Sun enters Aquarius on Friday, the 19th.

By the end of this week, both Venus and the Sun will be in Aquarius, the sign known as the Water Bearer. Many people think that Aquarius is a water sign, but it’s actually a fixed AIR sign that gives sustainability to your ideas.

So, this week is first about manifestation, and then, coming up with the ideas to make it happen.

Put all together, we return to the keyword of Emergence: ‘the process of coming into view or becoming exposed after being concealed’.

This New Moon takes you out of the closet, beyond what has held you back or been concealed, and into the Light of your Soul Purpose.

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Wishing you many blessings as you reach for the stars!


Star Cast Predictions for November 6

My key phrase for this week is: In Perfect Timing

The major planetary event this week is Saturn trine Uranus which becomes exact on Saturday, November 11th . Because these two are slow moving planets, we will be experiencing the build up of this aspect all week.

As social planets, the issues are evident in the problems facing the world now –how and where to draw the line between personal freedom and social responsibility.

And although true personal transformation comes through spiritual growth and change, the issues being brought forth through Saturn and Uranus are largely practical; issues of governance, social norms, laws, and justice.

Keeping in mind that the trine is a favorable aspect, this one suggests that there IS a way forward, a path will be forged that ultimately serves the highest order of balance.

However, we are undeniable in the birth process, and there is pressure on many fronts. As positive evolutionary beings , the path forward must include conscious self care.

Even when the world appears to be chaotic, you must be diligent and take time to nurture your self, your life, your family, friends, your business, your home.

This week also brings us to the last quarter moon cycle – a time to evaluate and even prepare to let some things go. Being in the sign of Leo, this one is an opportunity to release old resentments and feelings of not being respected. We all know that it’s not healthy to hang on to these old energetic patterns.

Venus entering Scorpio on Tuesday, November 7th is an invitation to clear old negativity. Scorpio has three symbols, the Scorpion, the Eagle, and the Phoenix.

Venus in the Scorpion mode tries to hurt others, but only ends up hurting one’s self. Venus as the Eagle can rise above old hurts, but has not really gone through the total purification process.

The ultimate lesson here is to rise to the level of the Phoenix – to  fully release and transforme old emotional wounds. This is the true gift available to us all as Venus moves through Scorpio from November 7th – 30.  It’s done through awareness of your thought patterns, and healing old emotional loops and complexes.

This week, you choose whether to see our cup as half full, or half empty. You decide that if and when life hands you lemons that you choose to make lemonade.

There are many stresses and challenges in the world today, but you also stand at the dawn of creation – your empowerment to be a co-creator with the very matrix of Life. Choose wisely.

Wishing you many blessings as you reach for the stars!


Star Cast Predictions for Oct 30

Hello and Welcome to my weekly Star Cast, where I bring you the update on what’s happening in the world of astrology – and how you can apply the wisdom to enrich your life here on earth.

My key phrase for this week is: The Power of Your Intention

This week begins with the moon in Pisces – the last sign of the zodiac.

And, to set the stage for Halloween which is on Tuesday, the Pisces moon conjuncts Neptune late on Monday. Prepare to have your intuition turned on to super power status.

In mythology, Neptune is shown as a male figure such as Posiedon, the man of the sea in charge of his many white maned horses that do his bidding in the form of waves.

However, Neptune also has a feminine side; the he/she of Neptune, like Mercury, is gender neutral. Neptune and the deep oceanic realm can be a place of love – a place that nurtures and feeds new growth.

So, as the Moon conjuncts Neptune today in Pisces, take time to tune into your deepest desires, and know that the answers to your wants and needs are just a call away. The answer comes as you shine your Light of intention to create clarity. When your desires are clearly stated, the Universe can then spring into manifestation mode.

Dare to dream during this week when ancients taught that the veil between the physical and spiritual worlds is lessened. Take a peek into the future you want to create for 2018 – the New Year that is not really so far into the future.

Last week we all received the bonus of Sun conjunct Jupiter, and this week, the Taurus Full Moon on Friday, November 3rd invites you to solidify your vision.

The sign of Taurus presents a double edged sword – one side is the path of letting things just ‘be’ , like the comfortable bull grazing in the grass, to just stay content and bask in the glow of previous accomplishments.

The other side of the Sword of Taurus, however, is absolute manifestation of your next step. Think of Taurus like a freight train – hard to get going but once in motion, unstoppable.

On Friday we have another major planetary aspect – Venus opposing Uranus.

Venus and Uranus in any aspect invite thinking outside the box and being open to a new paradigm – a new way of thinking, seeing, and being in the world. And, the opposition is an invitation to break from your normal, every day patterns.

When you hear the word ‘Opposition ‘you can always substitute it for ‘Awareness’.

An opposition invokes the energy of Other, as in – that other person made me do it, or, somebody else has all the power, you know, that endless list of justifying blame . And, awareness is the key to power in opposition, become aware of how much power you give away. Really, it’s that simple – don’t give your power away.

The Moon conjunct Neptune on Monday invites your tune into the power of your own Intuition!!

And, as we enter into this week which culminates in the Taurus Full Moon on Friday, be aware that it’s a special time for manifestation using the Power of your Intention.

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Wishing you many blessings as you reach for the stars!


Star Cast for Oct 16

Hello and Welcome to my weekly Star Cast, where I bring you the update on what’s happening in the world of astrology – and how you can apply the wisdom to enrich your life here on earth.

My key phrase for this week is: Finding Balance

This is your week to celebrate the Libra New Moon on Thursday, Oct 19th. It’s always good to have an astrological calendar so that you can stay on track with the new moons, but if you don’t have one, here’s a tip – the new moon is always in the same sign as the Sun.

So, this week, because the Sun is in Libra, it also means that the new moon will also activate this sign of balance AND relationships.

Actually, you can think of Libra as a sign of balance IN relationships.

The high path of Libra is to maintain your own certainty even when dealing with others. Libra is symbolized by the scales, a symbol with deep meaning. The ancient Egyptians understood the scales to be a tool of the goddess Maat who weighed one’s soul at the time of death.

The goal was to have your soul be a light as the feather, so it could fly free.

Even today, this teaching serves as a reminder to not carry your burdens around, rather, to release your fears and sorrows to honor the gift of each new day.

In keeping with the Libra new moon, this week is a time to release your past, clear your energy, and live in balance with the Universe.

Also on Thursday, in support of the New Moon, is another dynamic aspect – Sun opposing Uranus. This serves as inspiration to embrace a New Way, and the balance of Libra invites you to keep it healthy.

This week on Wednesday, we are graced by another dynamic planetary event – Mercury conjunct Jupiter. Think of this as an invitation to name and claim (Mercury) your gift (Jupiter).

Remember, last week, on Tuesday, October 10th, Jupiter, the planet of growth, expansion, and good luck entered Scorpio.

Mercury now remains in Scorpio until November 5th, and both Mercury and Jupiter are now energized in by the drive and focus of Scorpio until then. Plus, with Jupiter in Scorpio until November of 2018, you can look forward to a year of depth as presented by the sign of Scorpio.

And, here’s another tip for coming attractions: Thursday, October 26th is one of the best days of the year – Sun conjunct Jupiter. This is a special time period, so, take time today, and even this week with the New Moon, to set up your prosperity cycle.

Wishing you a week of clarity and balance.