Mars and Uranus – Final Straw to Fresh Start

Mars and Uranus – Final Straw to Fresh Start

One of my favorite things about astrology is that it provides certainty even in uncertain times. Those who follow astrology know that Mars conjunct Uranus takes you to the Final Straw, but it also signals a time for a Fresh Start

What you cannot see is the Moon’s North Node, also present in this alignment.

The Nodes are referred to as ‘karmic’ points and here is an easy way to understand them:
The Nodes are calculated points in the relationship between the Sun, the Moon, and the Earth, and they are representative of your soul’s journey from Spirit (Sun and Moon) and on to the Earth. The Nodes are profound, but also uncomplicated.

Ok, so true confession – I, the astrologer who knows that Uranus and Mars can cause one to be ‘out of sorts’ and should know better – well …. I’ve been feeling the vibe anyway. Cats complaining; water leaks; plumbers showing up late, and having to come back two/three times; communication breakdowns among friends… grrrrr

But, some good things have happened too, and I’ll bet that some good things are happening for you. Because…… it’s breakdown time. You draw the Final Straw – and then – you have to do something about it. 

And, that’s the karmic part because what is being broken down now is deep, deep, down to the deepest layer of muck. Lifetimes.

Maybe you have to move past old barriers to find your happy space. And, maybe these barriers offered you support in the past. (that’s a positive aspect of the South Node).

Mars, Uranus, and the North Node now invite your Fresh Start. You are supported by a loving and abundant Universe and have free will choice to create your life.

Seeing you as unique, fresh, and filled with color.

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Virgo Full Moon – Healing and Connection

Virgo Full Moon – Healing and Connection

Welcome to the Virgo Full moon and accept the amazing Healing and Connection that this lunation delivers. Now, with the Sun lighting up the late degrees of Pisces you may feel that you are living through an ‘end time’. And, in alignment with the messages from the stars, that is rightfully so. Kabballah teachers that ‘the sign of Pisces works likes the spinal cord of your body; it stabilizes and holds all of the other signs together.

Without Pisces, the zodiac would fall apart.’ Pisces reveals the sum total of all that has happened before, and the season of Pisces, particularly this Full Moon, is the time to take control of the entire year. At this time, you are surrounded by the protection of water, and you have an increased ability to peer beneath the surface of your reality.


What messages do you hear now? How are you working to deepen your connection with self What part of your life needs purification? The waters of Pisces offer reflection as a tool for seeing into the depths. And, like water filtering through sand, Virgo, the sign opposite Pisces, must have order.


One of the beautiful things about Virgo is that it’s a Mutable Earth sign. Mutability teaches that Virgo can ‘go with the flow’ and adapt to change – always seeking the highest order of perfection. In these times of rapid change, feeling often like chaos – allow tonight’s Virgo Full moon to fill your senses with a trust in Divine Order. Although the world is imperfect, you control your thoughts, deeds, and actions.

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March 8 Astrological Update – Mercury in Pisces

March 8 Astrological Update – Mercury in Pisces

As I look at the astrological aspects for the week of March 8th,  the cosmos looks relatively stable. Mercury entering Pisces this week deepens your connection with Spirit,  but we all know that this is a time of huge transformation as global chess masters make a bid for territory and power.

What’s Going On?

My theme for this week is: Recalibration, a time to reexamine your plans, and even your thinking, and correct it in accord with a new understanding or purpose.

Notably, both Venus and Mars changed sign, and entered Aquarius within 7 (yes- only 7! ) minutes on Sunday, March 6th. Venus and Mars remain closely aligned throughout the month. On April 5th Venus enters Pisces and Mars remains in Aquarius until April 14th.

Venus and Mars in Aquarius assists in your ‘Recalibration’ in this March 8 Astrological Update.

Aquarius, a fixed air sign makes Mars ‘smarter’, (i.e., not such a bully). Venus becomes more ultraistic in Aquarius, as her humanitarian tendencies are enhanced. What Venus and Mars in Aquarius can do for you is help to find balance of your yin/feminine and yang/masculine qualities.

This week’s recalibration assignment is to practice mindfulness; taking time to be aware and present, and not allowing yourself to get triggered by runaway thoughts or habitual emotions. Rather, it’s an excellent week to consciously build new neural pathways in your brain – all with time and intention.

Mercury Enters Pisces

Mercury’s ingress into Pisces on Wednesday, March 9th is another way the Universe is shifting your thinking now. Think of Mercury in Pisces as opening a door to your subconscious mind.

Do you like what you see? If not; you can change it. Unlocking your full potential is one of your Divine gifts as a human being.

Mercury in Pisces can leave you hopelessly confused – or – it can bring your super connected clarity. Mercury in Pisces is also a great time to connect with Oracle Cards, as taught by our Oracle Card Master, Colette Baron-Reid

Seek this clarity as a part of your recalibration this week.
Wishing you a deep and refreshing drink from the well of Truth, Light, and Guidance. Maya White

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Pisces New Moon – Your Divine Gift

Pisces New Moon – Your Divine Gift

Pisces teaches that your divine gift is the ability to draw down the work of Spirit into the Earth realm.

As I look at the astrological aspects for the month of March, and just as our hearts are longing for a rest in the water world of mutable Pisces, the planets are calling for fierce action. You knew that 2022 would be a year to hit the ground running; right?

Pisces New Moon * March 2, 12:35 PM Eastern US Time

The Pisces New Moon opens dimensions as time and space flow into the expansive world of all that can be.

It is an understatement to say that we are in transitional times. And, it’s a challenge to make sense of it all. I am writing this with recognition of the suffering over ALL of the earth, and in the experience of moment-by-moment prayers for the people of Ukraine.

I do not have the answers as to the short-term outcome, but I do know that the balance of power is irrevocably shifting away from large, corporate and formerly unstoppable governments, both the US and USSR.

And that another unstoppable force is being born; love and power to the people.

There are some tough planetary signatures this month:
Mars conjunct Pluto – March 3 * a power grab
Sun conjunct Jupiter – March 5 * Sovereignty (for whom)
Mars conjunct Venus – March 6 * Negotiation to save face (?)
Mars square Uranus – March 22 * The truth-telling time

Regarding this ‘war’ between Mars and Uranus: Mars in Capricorn is in his ‘Exaltation’ (place of strength) and Uranus in Taurus is in his Fall; meaning that Mars, the aggressor, has great power.

The two fishes of Pisces represent your connection with two worlds; the spiritual and the physical. And, the glyph also shows a connecting cord between the two worlds. These two worlds are separate. It is your consciousness that recognizes the separation, and your free will that creates a link between the two realms.

This separation is written about in music, (ok, showing my age here), such as the song Woodstock, written by Joni Mitchell: ‘We are stardust, we are golden, we are billion-year-old carbon. And we got to get ourselves back to the garden’.

And, the ‘Course in Miracles’ teaches extensively about our (feelings of) separation of humans from Source.

With honor to the Pisces New Moon that confirms your ability to draw down the work of Spirit into the Earth realm.

With Gratitude and Love,
Maya White

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Leo Full Moon – Venus, Mars, and Magic

Leo Full Moon – Venus, Mars, and Magic

The Leo Full moon of February 16th hits a planetary sweet spot.

There are many things that make this lunation delicious. First of note is that the Moon is at 28 degrees Leo, and the Sun at 28 degrees of Aquarius (technically, the exact degree is 27.59, but you cannot get much closer to 28 degrees).

The late degrees any sign are where the sign has matured and mellowed – like that pot of chili cooked just right.

Cooking up a Good Leo Full Moon

Just like when you’re cooking a pot of chili, the flavor changes and develops over time. If not tended, the pot of chili can even burn, or, it just gets old. Always best in cooking, and in astrology, too, is finding that ‘sweet spot’, where the flavor is developed, but not over-done.

This Leo Full moon activates the flavors of a mature Leo; grace, royalty, and sovereignty. The late degrees of Leo are rich and filled with flavor – colors of gold and purple, surrounding a well deserved victory crown.

Venus and Mars lend a high note to this Full moon through their union at 16 Capricorn. And, Venus has a secret power now.

The Power of Love
Having just emerged from her journey to the sun, Venus is in a dynamic new phase, and she is empowered and shining as the crowned goddess as the Morning Star.

To admire her, just look to the southeast before dawn. On the 16th, and for the week after, you’ll see her joined by Mars.

Magic Jupiter and Uranus are also developing a ‘relationship’. Jupiter in Pisces speaks to Uranus in Taurus through a action invoking sextile.

Jupiter is sometimes considered to be the planet of ‘good luck’ and indeed, sometimes the sky opens and Jupiter delivers his grace. Jupiter is benevolent, but there is also the luck that you make happen.

Uranus pierces the veil of illusion and loves your creativity. Like a lightning storm over water; there is wind and water, lightening and electricity and then – boom – a star is born.

You are the star, bright one!

Wishing you an amazing Full moon experience.

Maya White

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A Moment of Truth – the Moon, the Sun, and Neptune

A Moment of Truth – the Moon, the Sun, and Neptune

Monday, Sept 13 delivers a moment of truth as the week opens with a dynamic Sagittarius last quarter moon. This lunar phase represents a time of ‘crisis in consciousness’, a time when decisions are made and commitments formed. This week marks a tender moment.

Last weeks’ Virgo New moon set the stage with an enchanting Jupiter and Venus trine, a fortunate aspect that gives hope for positive outcomes. Indeed, many are weary as we are living through these times of rapid change.

Every day it’s easy to look around and see all that is wrong with the world; however, the stars serve as a reminder of what is right and positive.

What makes this lunation so powerful is that the Moon, at 21 Sagittarius, is exactly interacting with another major planetary event.

Sun opposing Neptune on Tuesday, Sept 14 = no place to hide

First, Sun opposing Neptune. This happens one day each year, so it’s not rare, but like so many other events in this monumental year – the symbolic language of the stars has much to say. The last quarter Sagittarius moon drives all messages home.

Neptune is though of as the androgynous planet of ‘illusion’; but there is more to Neptune’s story. Neptune also speaks to your longings and desires; to your heart.

The longing of the human heart serves as one of the most powerful history makers in the world.

Neptune drives what makes you happy, or at least what you think will do so. Neptune triggers us all, often in the most subtle ways.
Needless to say, with so many points of view out there now, Neptune is having a moment.

The Sibley Chart and Transiting Neptune

Ironically, this planetary configuration between the Moon, Sun, and Neptune forms a planetary T-square that is completed by the Mars of the US birth chart at 21 Gemini. Translated – this week’s last quarter lunation cycle shines a bright and perhaps harsh light on the what is truth and what truly motivates those in power in the United States now.

For example, you can see in the birth chart of the United, (I use the Sibley chart) transiting Neptune has been connected to the progressed Sun of the US since late 2018.

This clearly speaks to why the US is unraveling with so many different points of view. The only thing more astounding than this transit is that nobody is talking about it! (Neptune…)

The Sun opposing Neptune brings you to a moment of awareness. The opposition grants you an advantageous position of awareness from which you can objectively:

See through an unfiltered lens
Discern, and then
Take the Right Action

With a dynamic last quarter Sagittarius moon, this is YOUR week to move ahead with the advantage of clarity.

Wishing you a value packed week ahead!

Maya White

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