Scorpio Moon – Peace or Piece of?

Easy Astrology Oracle Card by Maya White

The Moon in Scorpio, until 11 PM today (Feb 27) is the most intense of all moon signs. How do you FEEL about that? Do you want to quickly hide your vulnerability today? Or, are you ready to take on the world and transform inner anxiety into the soaring freedom of the phoenix.

Scorpio is ruled by both Pluto and Mars; a soldier and general all wrapped up in one dark tidy inpenetrable package. But, within the darkness of Scorpio's intensity, what he or she really desires is peace. The problem is, that to achieve the end result, our Mars/Pluto ruled warrior often ends up taking a “piece of” – that which they so want to only nurture. It's about darkness and light; that stinging end of the scorpion king/queen.

Even my favorite old time astrologer, Evangeline Adams has little good to say about the Scorpio Moon. Her discourse: ‘ this is especially dangerous in women born with this position. Not only do we find a danger of sexual irregularity or excess, but a stong disposition to indulgence in liquor. Scorpio is the weakest sign as well as the strongest. ‘  She further states that:  ‘natives born with their Moon in Scorpio are likely to meet women who are strongly sexed, self willed, and somewhat unscrupuilous in attaining their ends. They may be deceitful and treacherous.'

That is strong language from a woman who consorted with Aleister Crowley!

Of course, we take the high road here. Here are some more positive qualities of the  Scorpio Moon:  Not Influenced by the Opinion of Others (too stubborn to take good advice); Abstinence (so emotionally repressed that nothing gets out); Leadership and Authority (control freak); Decision Maker (control freak); Transformational Agent of Change (freedom rider.)

Happy Scorpio moon day  – make it a good one.