Venus square Pluto – Obesssion Dance

Venus- the Object of Our Affection

Today's major astrological aspect is Venus square Pluto. In mythology, the lord of the Underworld is remembered for his abrupt technique in drafting a wife – he reached his powerful hand up and abducted a young maiden from a field of flowers.

Today the maiden makes her break from the obsessive hold of Pluto's dominion.

Generally anytime Venus and Pluto dance it brings up issues of fated love, obsession, and the need to find a path of truth and integrity.

Venus in Aries is not so focused on being sexy – but she is independent.

Pluto - Wants to Control Her

Pluto is associated with power and control. Today is the day to examine who is running the show of your reality. It is YOU, or an interfering other?

Examine your relationships; those fueled by love, and those powered by a source you can feel but cannot name. Perhaps you are breaking free of old lingering wounds to your inner child.

Or, dramatically, perhaps it is time to change the rules on the game plan of your exterior life.