What’s Going On * February 10 – 16th

On the heels of an exciting Venus/Uranus conjunction the night of Thursday February 9th, The Libra Moon of Friday the 10th settles us down and begs for analysis of the events of the previous evening. Keeping in mind that the combo of Venus and Uranus lends excitement, but not often stability, the query becomes: Will she, wont’ he; does she/ does he not? Hmm, many questions are answered today as the Moon opposes our impetuous paring of the night before. Your special secret insight is: follow your heart, as your heart will always lead you to the path that is good and true.

The Libra moon squares Pluto in the wee hours of Saturday – this dynamic aspect often brings us to a point of decision –think of the square as a shearing, or cutting energy.However, the square can also provide a foundation for a new structure, so don’t be afraid to face your most difficult emotion. Remember that Libra is a cardinal, or action taking sign – any actions taken today that are fueled by love and compassion will ultimately set you free.

After a brief void of course period on Sunday, the moon enters passionate Scorpio at 2 PM Pacific time.   Use the spiritual tone of our Sunday morning aspects to connect with your most sincere inner guidance. As the Moon engages Mercury, Saturn, Neptune, and Jupiter, Sunday  is a great time for catching up with your family and long lost friends.

On Monday the 13th – buyer beware! Mercury joins Neptune in an exact conjunction,  which can lead to a disappointment, or, result in a misunderstanding. Take it easy today – Monday is best for getting your dreams and visions on paper, but – save the proposal for another time.

Speaking of proposals – Tuesday the 14th is Happy Valentine’s day – our national day to celebrate love and romance. This year, Valentine’s Day lands on a stressful last quarter Scorpio Moon.  Now, I am a great supporter of love, but, recommend that this day be kept romantic, and sultry  in keeping with the Scorpio Moon. The other side of a Scorpio moon  can be petty and jealous; you decide how you want to script this day, as your approach makes a big difference in the quality of your memories.

Wednesday the 15th delivers the reality of secrets that were contemplated on Saturday the 11th. As Venus and Pluto face off in a dynamic square, remember that true love is based on understanding and sincerity. The Sagittarius Moon prompts us all to speak our truth, and commitments made on this day can have long term ramifications provided you stick to your core issue of truth.

Consider setting time aside for a softer romantic interlude on Thursday the 16th  – which  is a fun filled day of opportunity! This day the early Capricorn moon engages Saturn and Neptune, plus Mercury happily meets Jupiter. This is your best day for networking, social and professional meetings, and your great day to get the job done – wishing you the best of all days ahead.

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