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by Maya White, Master Destination Astrologer
Your March 2017 Sun Sign Forecast


These horoscopes are completely original and based on the planetary movements combined with my channeled guidance.

Woven into these forecasts you will find words of wisdom from masters of Kabbalah and other spiritual teachers.

This is my gift to you, my valued clients and newsletter subscribers. Look for YOUR sun sign below.

Get ready for an amazing year ahead.

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Aries (March 19 – April 18)

This month marks the beginning of a new two year financial cycle. You need stability for your active lifestyle, and Mars is now giving you t...

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Can you feel it –  the energy of this new moon solar eclipse is in Pisces? Collectively we face the uncertainty of the two fishes swimming in opposite directions. And the question is:  which one takes you ‘home’- to a place of knowing.

The two fishes of Pisces represent your connection with two worlds; the spiritual and the physical.  This eclipse ripens at 6:58 am (ET) on Sunday, February 26th.

Kabbalah teaches that these two worlds are separate, but it is the human condition of pain that creates a link between the spiritual and physical realms. And, that pain is an apparition of the ego.

Eckhart Tolle defines ego as: ‘a protective heavy shell, such as the kind some animals have, like a big beetle. This protective shell works like armor to cut you off from other people and the outside world.  This sense of separation is an intrinsic part of the ego. The ego loves to strengthen itself by complaining.’

Tolle furthers that you can break through this shell of ego by:  ‘observing your mind; calming it; letting go of limiting stories; and finally – to lay down your weapons.’

Weapons of the world, such as armam...