October promises to be an eventful month. Start with two Full moons, one on October 1st, and the second one on October 31st. 

Add to that, most of the month Mars, now retrograde, forms a challenging square aspect to the Big 3 – Saturn, Jupiter, and Pluto

Mars is the kingpin, and to fully appreciate this Full Moon, you must understand his ways. 

Here’s Where it Begins 
The Big 3 represent ‘Power’: 
Saturn the power of Karma and Discipline 
Jupiter the power of Rulership and Sovereignty 
Pluto the power of the Unknown 

With Mars square, or challenging the Big 3 all month – fear and anger are the paths of least resistance. Both are core emotions – a deep part of the human psyche. You cannot bypass a core emotion, only develop or transmute it. 

Even with consciousness, fear and anger can still return. 
Collectively we are learning to navigate the path of true power. Mars is a natural rebel, (sometimes a rebel without a clue) but you must become a rebel for, and with, a cause. 

Mars is the warrior wielding a sword. But his true power comes through the choices made about how to use that sword. 

Making good choices is the lesson of this Aries full moon. 
*  How will you use your sword, your Divine power? 
*  What is your Personal Power move? 
*  Can you remain mindful of the High Road? 

To stay on the transcendent journey, it becomes necessary to walk on the knife’s edge. There is little mystery here – you have to stay on track. But, it doesn’t have to be hard! 

I invite you to take this path with ease and buoyancy rather than grim determination. It takes awareness, but the win is your vibrational upgrade. 

Focus on the Light.  Hold your energy High.  Keep your eyes on the Prize.  

In Love and Service,

Maya White

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