It’s amazing that the month of June is right around the corner, and, the best thing is that June begins like a Beethoven symphony. Beethoven’s magic was expressing emotion through music.
First, let’s look at:
Mercury conjunct Uranus May 31st

Uranus, known as ‘the Great Awakener’ is a higher octave planet of Mercury. Just like in music, the planets have special vibrational resonances.

There is far more to Mercury than communication, but that’s  good place to start. Science is increasingly teaching that communication is a Universal concept. We all know that animals communicate, and recently there are studies saying that trees communicate with other trees!

So, astrologically speaking, Mercury conjunct Uranus is ultra-high level communication across time and space. Inspired thinking. Inner Knowing. Mercury functions as the receiver, and Uranus is the high frequency antenna.

And the good news is that this energy sustains you into the fabulously rich transits of early June beginning with Jupiter trine Pluto on June 2nd.

Jupiter in Gemini: May 25, 2024 – June 9, 2025
Something that has been a ‘happy place’ for me is Jupiter in Gemini. (Venus is also in Gemini now.) I was born with Jupiter in Gemini, and I like it. Somehow, for me, it feels like home.

Sagittarius is where Jupiter is strongest. (Rulership) So, the sign opposite Sag is Gemini – and so far away from ‘home,’ Jupiter becomes a visitor and must work strategically.

The winning plan with Jupiter in Gemini is: don’t second guess your decisions, and only rarely is it a good idea to change your mind…

On the heels of a dynamic Jupiter/Pluto trine, June 4th delivers an astounding Mercury trine Pluto; Mercury conjunct Jupiter; and Sun conjunct Venus. This is all fitting for June which begins like a Beethoven symphony

Translated – this is astrological gold. The stars are ‘aligned’ between now and the New Moon of June 6th in a rare and powerful formation. Your job is to be clear, focused, and maintaining an attitude of gratitude.

Wishing you many wonders as you reach for the stars!

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