As I look at the astrological aspects for the week of March 8th,  the cosmos looks relatively stable. Mercury entering Pisces this week deepens your connection with Spirit,  but we all know that this is a time of huge transformation as global chess masters make a bid for territory and power.

What’s Going On?

My theme for this week is: Recalibration, a time to reexamine your plans, and even your thinking, and correct it in accord with a new understanding or purpose.

Notably, both Venus and Mars changed sign, and entered Aquarius within 7 (yes- only 7! ) minutes on Sunday, March 6th. Venus and Mars remain closely aligned throughout the month. On April 5th Venus enters Pisces and Mars remains in Aquarius until April 14th.

Venus and Mars in Aquarius assists in your ‘Recalibration’ in this March 8 Astrological Update.

Aquarius, a fixed air sign makes Mars ‘smarter’, (i.e., not such a bully). Venus becomes more ultraistic in Aquarius, as her humanitarian tendencies are enhanced. What Venus and Mars in Aquarius can do for you is help to find balance of your yin/feminine and yang/masculine qualities.

This week’s recalibration assignment is to practice mindfulness; taking time to be aware and present, and not allowing yourself to get triggered by runaway thoughts or habitual emotions. Rather, it’s an excellent week to consciously build new neural pathways in your brain – all with time and intention.

Mercury Enters Pisces

Mercury’s ingress into Pisces on Wednesday, March 9th is another way the Universe is shifting your thinking now. Think of Mercury in Pisces as opening a door to your subconscious mind.

Do you like what you see? If not; you can change it. Unlocking your full potential is one of your Divine gifts as a human being.

Mercury in Pisces can leave you hopelessly confused – or – it can bring your super connected clarity. Mercury in Pisces is also a great time to connect with Oracle Cards, as taught by our Oracle Card Master, Colette Baron-Reid

Seek this clarity as a part of your recalibration this week.
Wishing you a deep and refreshing drink from the well of Truth, Light, and Guidance. Maya White

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