One of my favorite things about astrology is that it provides certainty even in uncertain times. Those who follow astrology know that Mars conjunct Uranus takes you to the Final Straw, but it also signals a time for a Fresh Start

What you cannot see is the Moon’s North Node, also present in this alignment.

The Nodes are referred to as ‘karmic’ points and here is an easy way to understand them:
The Nodes are calculated points in the relationship between the Sun, the Moon, and the Earth, and they are representative of your soul’s journey from Spirit (Sun and Moon) and on to the Earth. The Nodes are profound, but also uncomplicated.

Ok, so true confession – I, the astrologer who knows that Uranus and Mars can cause one to be ‘out of sorts’ and should know better – well …. I’ve been feeling the vibe anyway. Cats complaining; water leaks; plumbers showing up late, and having to come back two/three times; communication breakdowns among friends… grrrrr

But, some good things have happened too, and I’ll bet that some good things are happening for you. Because…… it’s breakdown time. You draw the Final Straw – and then – you have to do something about it. 

And, that’s the karmic part because what is being broken down now is deep, deep, down to the deepest layer of muck. Lifetimes.

Maybe you have to move past old barriers to find your happy space. And, maybe these barriers offered you support in the past. (that’s a positive aspect of the South Node).

Mars, Uranus, and the North Node now invite your Fresh Start. You are supported by a loving and abundant Universe and have free will choice to create your life.

Seeing you as unique, fresh, and filled with color.

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