The Aquarius full moon urges us to embrace your unique self and step into the realms of innovation and exploration. And, as this vibrant full moon graces the skies on Tuesday, August 1st, we are in for an exhilarating celestial journey.

I am so excited about this full moon! Each zodiac sign has a planetary affiliation, or ‘ruler’, and Aquarius is one sign with two affiliations, an ancient ruler, (Saturn) and a modern one (Uranus).

Honestly, both planets have relevance, but it’s the affiliation of Aquarius with the planet Uranus that gets me excited. Saturn builds walls; Uranus breaks them down.

While thinking about journeys, just imagine this for a minute … what better way to enrich your soul and expand your horizons than through travel using the wisdom of AstroCartoGraphy!

An Aquarius full moon (supermoon!) and AstroCartoGraphy go hand in hand. With this amazing tool, you can choose your most empowered destinations. This is a time of favorable cosmic alignment, encouraging you to reach new heights and break free from limitations.

And, now that the north and south nodes have changed signs, moving into Aries and Libra, the urges of innovation and freedom are stronger than ever.

This auspicious full moon is further accentuated by Mars in Virgo trine Jupiter in Taurus, exact today, infusing us with boundless potential for personal growth and heightened awareness. Mars trine Jupiter, provides the impetus to forge ahead and embrace opportunities that come our way.

Plus, even if you don’t want to travel to a location, or cannot live there, you can bring the energy of your best places, your PowerCenters, into your life using Remote Activation. Remote Activation, a taught by Jim Lewis, the creator of AstroCartoGraphy is a practice whereby you activate the planetary template of a location on the earth by drawing it into your life through art, music, culture, food, and people.

This celestial combination brings the power of astrological insights to your journey, guiding you towards new paths and revelations.
To add another confirmation to the Universal full moon message, Mercury opposing Saturn today offers a gift of clear judgment, enabling you to make sound decisions during this potent lunar phase. The clarity achieved through this aspect empowers you to manifest our aspirations with confidence, knowing that the universe supports our endeavors.

With Mars trine Jupiter, there is an impetus to forge ahead and embrace opportunities that come our way. This is a time of favorable cosmic alignment, encouraging us to reach new heights and break free from limitations.

As we bask in the cosmic radiance of this Aquarius full moon and the harmonious dance between Mars and Jupiter, remember that the stars hold infinite possibilities. Embrace the energy of this celestial event and allow it to ignite the fire within, propelling you towards joy, abundance, and success.

May this full moon mark the beginning of a remarkable journey towards personal growth, deep awareness, and boundless horizons.

Embrace the stars’ wisdom and trust in the celestial support available to you. Remember, the universe works always in your favor.

Wishing you celestial wonders and celestial wisdom, Maya White

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