Messages from the Universe is the theme for this week. Start this time period off right, and you have a handle on the months ahead.   All week and until Equinox on March 20/21, we are in the auspices of strong Mars and Neptune dynamics.  Plus, as the Sun conjuncts Neptune on Wednesday, March 16, you gain clarity on a troubling situation. Neptune is rich in imagery, and with this influence, creativity is your shield, and actualization is your reward.

Hold on to your truth and DO NOT give your power away

In 1973, Tibetan Master, Chögyam Trungpa wrote a book titled ‘Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism’. In this book, he discussed the role of ego in our search for spiritual growth. Basically, Trungpa said that the human ego strives for achievement, even in measured ways such as ‘higher levels of spirituality’, or experiencing a spiritual revelation.

But the Master Trungpa also states that that our Higher Self has no need to achieve.
Hence – just ‘TO BE’ is the nature of our Human Existence. And, this is for me a perfect example of Mars and Neptune dynamics.

Mars and Neptune are so very different and honestly, it took some years for me to wrap my head around just how these two planets interact. But now I understand.  Mars in Gemini wants to be on the move, but Neptune in Pisces says ‘hold that thought’.

You may feel frustration, you might think nothing matters. But as a part of your evolution on Earth, it does matter. Growth is an integral drive of human nature; but we must grow without competition or comparison.

This week’s Message from the Universe is: Dance is a high form of Mars and Neptune. Give the ego a rest this week. Let go. And Dance.

 Venus the Queen is FREE

Mercury conjunct Neptune and Sun square Mars are standing guard for this primary event; Venus square Pluto in that critical, anaretic 29th degree. Remember, the 29th degree of any sign is a message of completion and implementation.

Sweet Venus in Aries is running away from her final duty to Pluto in Capricorn… Venus is now set free as she enters Taurus by end of day on March 16th,

The planets are teacher for us all in this evolutionary Earth school. Thankfully you have the wisdom of astrology as a guide. Remember that your planetary assignment this week is:  Dance more, think less. And, BE happy…

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