full moon in the sky

This week delivers two dynamic celestial events, a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on May 26th and Mercury retrograde on Saturday, May 29th.

Hopefully you’ve been enjoying the relative peace and quiet that was promised for the earlier part of May. After all that dynamic action in April, culminating with the Sun, Venus, and Mercury all uniting with Uranus over nine days, early May brought a blessed relief.

But things are heating up again as we enter the eclipse season with a Sagittarius Full (Blood) Moon Lunar Eclipse on Wednesday. Any Lunar Eclipse impacts your emotions and even brings your unconscious feelings to the surface.

Being in the mutable axis of Sagittarius and Gemini, this one will open up memories. Depending on your natal chart an eclipse may initiate actual events that open up emotional wounds. The secret to success for everyone is releasing baggage.  Like the archer, let those arrows go.

Releasing the arrows is how to Set Yourself Free.

Although the actual eclipse lasts only a few hours, keep in mind that life events related to an eclipse can occur weeks before and even months after the event.

So, what’s the big deal around an Eclipse?

Taking careful aim will greatly increase your good luck

It’s no wonder that there is anticipation surrounding these celestial events. Because of the proximity of the nodes, eclipses have a fated and spiritual growth aspect.

The lunar nodes are calculated through a relationship between the Sun, the Moon, and the Earth.  I believe that they are one of the most insightful tools that astrology has to offer.

What can be more grounding for your soul’s journey on the earth than connecting to that place where the earthly sources of your sustenance.

Eclipses do what a magnifying glass does to Light – they focus the energy in one place so that it breaks apart and releases the rainbow held within.

Sagittarius is the sign affiliated with Jupiter, the planet of so called ‘Good Luck’. But there is more to luck than just the whims of favor. There is a spiritual foundation to the blessings of Jupiter.

Abundance and good fortune come through sharing and encouragement.  Simply practicing
good judgement is one good way that you can increase your ‘luck’.

So, be prepared; depending on your natal astrology, this week’s Lunar Eclipse may change your life!

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