webinar_platterFriday, May 6th delivers a powerful New Moon in Taurus, the sign of manifestation. And, to set the stage, we have two abundance aspects wrapping around it.

On Tuesday, May 3rd, the Sun flowed into a lovely trine with Jupiter. The Sun trine Jupiter lights up your good luck.

Then, on Saturday, May 7th, the Sun shines on Pluto, completing a grand earth trine. This sweeping trine promises (Sun) deeply meaningful (Pluto) and long lasting benefits.

There are five planets in earth signs now: the Sun, Mercury, and Venus in Taurus, Jupiter in Virgo, and Pluto in Capricorn. Symbolically, earth is the element that traps, or grounds the spirit of Fire.

Earth can feel heavy, and uninspired. Or, it can be fruitful and have enough earthly goods to share.

One of the high lessons of the Earth element is to move beyond materialism and into value. For example, the 2nd house of astrology, which correlates to Taurus, represents earned income, but it also address how you feel about yourself as you earn the money.growth_money_sm

So, as we move towards the most powerful time of the year for manifestation – the Taurus New moon on Friday May 6th, both Jupiter and Pluto are activated by the Sun.

Manifestation is key, but so are values and what you really want to create.

Kabbalah teaches that Taurus is a sign of Judgement – that during this time we must step out of our comfort zones and make choices. Taurus loves ease and stability, yet the path of growth for Taurus is revealed by Scorpio, the sign of continual regeneration.

And, it stands to reason that this Mercury retrograde in Taurus (ending May 22nd) is a time to rewire your old mal-functioning systems. There is great awareness in the Cosmic mix now and true value in submitting to doing inner work.

Yes, you may see some old sentient ghosts of who you used to be, but these days also hold energetic clarity if you’re willing and ready to move into mercy and love (qualities of Venus) as you step out of your comfort zone.

And, next week the manifestation pathway continues to open up as Venus and Jupiter form another beneficial trine on Tuesday May 10th. However, with 5 planets retrograde this week, the stars have us still in planning mode, so it’s important to tie up as many loose ends as possible between now and May 22nd when Mercury stations direct.

Alchemy and Your Transformation

mercury_frontJupiter stations direct on Monday, May 9th, and, in a grand gesture from the Creator, Mercury transits across the face of the Sun on the same day.

Mercury transiting the sun is a marker of Alchemy. Throughout the ages, Mercury has been regarded as an ambassador of knowledge. Known both as Thoth and Hermes, Mercury was considered a divine being of writing and of magic.

Mercury also is attributed as one who guides souls into the afterlife – hence, his ability to journey across the face of the Sun.

The goal of alchemy is to purify, mature, and perfect. Alchemy has both practical and spiritual applications, but the common aims were the transmutation of base metals into gold; the creation of an elixir of immortality; the creation of panaceas able to cure any disease; and the development of a universal solvent.

And,  like magical, mystical Thoth, with the stars as your guide, if you’re going to make your journey across the face of the Sun, you have to really GO FOR IT.

No holding back, no second guesses, but the reward is dear and well worth the journey.

In the spirit of alchemy, I wish you the magic of perfect health, the creation of riches, and a long and happy life.

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