What’s Going On – the Good, the Bad, and the Good

The Good, The Bad, and The Good

This week has some rich and fortuitous astrological happenings, but before getting to the good parts, I want to join my voice in expressing sadness regarding the violence events that occurred in the US recently. People often ask me: ‘what’s going on in astrology; why is this happening?

Leo New Moon – Shine Your Light

And, the stars can always provide an answer. . .but it does not alleviate the pain. Generally, Uranus, Mars, and Pluto are culprits in violence.

To land an astrological analysis, I’d say that this the events of August 3 and 4 were backflow from the full moon lunar eclipse of July 16th. This eclipse activated the current Saturn/Pluto conjunction, and it surely has stirred up issues that will be a part of our social discussion into 2020.

Mercury stationing direct on July 31, could also be a player in this astro profile. While retrograde, (during the eclipse) Mercury dipped into the collective unconscious, and once freed from the chains of retrograde, the killers stepped up to take action. The sad truth is that this is a complex and painful issue with many tentacles that dip into our hearts, and there are no simple answers. 

With that said – this week – really – holds a promise of better times. On Wednesday, August 7th, the Sun trines Jupiter which is a classic feel good aspect. Be on the lookout for an opportunity (or two) and remember it never hurts to help ‘fate’ along by taking action.

Thursday, August 8th is another favorable day with Venus trine Jupiter. All Right! This is another classic indicator of good fortune. So, although your heart may be weary, don’t forget to allow joy and goodness into your life. All of this happens in the fire signs of Leo and Sagittarius, too – the classic ‘good luck’ signs.

On Sunday, August 11th there are THREE unusual events happening on the same day. Uranus stations direct, Uranus stations retrograde, and Mercury enters Leo! Uranus represents your quest for freedom, and Uranus retrograde is a time to refine and review your values through your Higher Self connection.  Questions of the 8th house appear, such as: what will you give your energy to? Where do you continually lose energy? And, how can you fix it?

Jupiter moving into direct motion is a signal that the days of your life are passing away, and wasting time is also an 8th house issue.  – Jupiter direct says: ‘Precious time wasted is worse than losing money; it’s a loss of your most valuable human resource – the days of your life.’

And, Mercury in Leo – well, just think of it as the stars are giving you permission to ROAR  😊

You have an amazing planetary invitation in the week ahead. We all must acknowledge the pain of life in this 21st century, but do not let the assault to you senses make you so dull that you cannot experience and express the joy that is also your Divine gift.

In Love and Service,

Wishing you many blessings as you reach for the Stars

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