Welcome to the Virgo Full moon and accept the amazing Healing and Connection that this lunation delivers. Now, with the Sun lighting up the late degrees of Pisces you may feel that you are living through an ‘end time’. And, in alignment with the messages from the stars, that is rightfully so. Kabballah teachers that ‘the sign of Pisces works likes the spinal cord of your body; it stabilizes and holds all of the other signs together.

Without Pisces, the zodiac would fall apart.’ Pisces reveals the sum total of all that has happened before, and the season of Pisces, particularly this Full Moon, is the time to take control of the entire year. At this time, you are surrounded by the protection of water, and you have an increased ability to peer beneath the surface of your reality.


What messages do you hear now? How are you working to deepen your connection with self What part of your life needs purification? The waters of Pisces offer reflection as a tool for seeing into the depths. And, like water filtering through sand, Virgo, the sign opposite Pisces, must have order.


One of the beautiful things about Virgo is that it’s a Mutable Earth sign. Mutability teaches that Virgo can ‘go with the flow’ and adapt to change – always seeking the highest order of perfection. In these times of rapid change, feeling often like chaos – allow tonight’s Virgo Full moon to fill your senses with a trust in Divine Order. Although the world is imperfect, you control your thoughts, deeds, and actions.

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