Virgo Full Moon and your March astrology update. Like water sifting through sand, Virgo is a sign of purification. But she’s not the virgin that you may have been taught about as a child. She’s sexy, fertile, and harvesting her abundance is a matter of timing blessed by affirmative beliefs.

The Moon trine Uranus speaks to making necessary changes in the spirit of ease rather than chaos.

Let this Virgo Full moon fill your vital body energy as you reflect on all that Virgo and Pisces have to teach you.
Pisces is about reflection, depth, and true surrender, which does NOT mean giving up.  Rather, to learn to work with the Universal energies rather than shoulder up against them.

Virgo is about thoughtfulness, analyzing, sifting and sorting, which does NOT mean focusing on shortcomings.  Rather connecting with the abundant harvest that is your birthright.

For this lunation, the Sun is in Virgo, and the Moon is in Pieces, but there is lots of action in Aries. Jupiter, Venus, Chiron, and two of the asteroids, Pallas and Vesta are all now busy in Aries, the sign of new beginnings.

This Virgo Full moon invites you to call on your angels even as you dig into your own heart and soul. Thank you, sweet angel. The angels await your invitation.  Just speak their name and they will come.

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