Astrology Star Cast for July 26

Getting to the WHY

This week began with a dynamic Sun, Moon, and Mars triple conjunction! Although the fast moving moon will have traveled on to the arms of Virgo, Libra, and even Scorpio, the Sun moves more slowly, and travels in unison with Mars for most of the week.

Everything in the Cosmos keeps returning to the message of development of the Divine Masculine.

Whether you’re male or female, you have a masculine side. Your masculine essence takes action, and the stars are presenting you with a celestial calling card.

The WHY of Chiron

Chiron, the Healer, now retrograde, lingers in the late degrees of Pisces until April of 2018. When a planet (or as the case with Chiron, a very important asteroid) is in the late degrees of a sign, it means that Chiron issues must be addressed.

Think of it as having to pass a final exam before being allowed to graduate. One of the secrets to Chiron is that you have to DO it, not just think or talk about. The graduation test for Chiron is experiential, and the big win is that you’ll become healed of physical and psychological wounds of life.

‘Christos’ is the core word for Chiron and it refers to ‘anointment’ and also hands on healing. The terms ‘Christ’ and even ‘Chiropractic’ come from the same Greek source word of Christos.

The WHY of Chiron is to reclaim your birthright, fulfill your path of healing and to become whole – again.

There is another critical ‘WHY’ coming up with the solar eclipse of August 21st. You may be aware that this eclipse at 29 Leo activates the same degree of Regulus, one of the four Royal Fixed stars.

Regulus traditionally marks the star that sits at the heart of the lion in the constellation Leo.

Also known as ‘the Watcher of the North’, Regulus gives high honors to a person, but the honor is short lived when he or she stoops to revenge.

The WHY of Regulus

Regulus rises, or appears in the sky with the Sun on August 21st, the day of the eclipse. Regulus culminates this cycle as it joins the setting sun on February 18, 2018.

Although Regulus is personally active for those having 28-29 degrees of Leo rising or otherwise angular (MC, IC, ASC, DSC)  the cosmic message ALL is to activate your Divine Masculine.

On January 8th and 9th of 2018, the stars deliver another whopping message – a Superior Conjunction of the Sun, Venus and Pluto.

Clearly, the invitation is to also heal your connection to the Sacred Feminine.

The WHY of Regulus is to understand that above all revenge, rage, and even suppressed anger create an acid that corrodes your very own life force vessel.

Wishing you the blessings of healing.

Maya White, Master Destination Astrologer, helping you find your Best Place on the earth for love and money.

Astrology Star Cast for July 18

Energetically, the week between last quarter and the next new moon of July 23rd is a time to get your bearings and make adjustments.

It’s a time for critical thought that grants you a unique perspective to reflect on the past and peer into your future. In short, it’s an essential time to refine your goals made around the time of new moon on June 23rd.

How are you doing on your fulfillment held within the arms of Pluto and the full Moon of July 8th? Remember, even a small shift can give birth to a new pathway of expression.

If you’re feeling a bit off-course, there are several planetary aspect this week to assist your distillation of the full moon/Pluto wine.

The week is flavored by two sharp squares; Venus square Neptune and Mars square Uranus.

The square is a cosmic wake up call intended to get your attention. Sadly, Venus square Neptune rips off the rose-colored glasses. Venus is breezing through Gemini now, and although she is not particularly emotional, she has the gift of clairsentience (clear seeing) in her relationship to Neptune in Pisces.

The Redemption of Mars

Mars stands guard in a state of solidarity through his challenging square to Uranus. Mars square Uranus doesn’t always feel fair. When ‘the Soldier’ (Mars) challenges ‘the Revolutionary’ (Uranus), anything can happen.

Keep in mind, though, that Uranus changes only that which desperately needs change.

When Uranus strikes, expect the unexpected.

On one level, it seems like everything that can go wrong is doing so. But, as you see these changes in the world, remember that you also have a great opportunity to transform your personal life now.

Not only does Mars square Uranus on July 17th, but the new moon of July 23rd features a triple play lineup of Sun, Moon, and Mars in the first degree of Leo.

The high path of Mars is to break out of slavery and liberate ourselves. The adverse Mars is destructive; the high Mars is brave and enterprising.

The spiritual Mars channels the creative powers of the Universe.

Negatively, Mars gives birth to treason, fires, and sudden death. But Mars is also a protector and brave warrior who fights to create lasting peace.

This week leading up to the new moon of July 23rd is powerful, but not necessarily peaceful. Mars is still getting his ‘groove’ on – smoothing out bumps in the road ahead.

What this means for you is: you don’t have to be perfect, you don’t even have to be great – you just need to be YOU! The best you that you can BE.


Weekly Star Cast for July 10

After such a dramatic and important full moon, is it possible that today is the first day of a brave new world?

It feels like New Year’s Day of 2000, the day after the Y2K abyss;  or, like December 23rd, the day after the predicted ‘end of the Mayan calendar’ of 2012.

Wow, we just had a full moon conjunct Pluto and opposed by the Sun conjunct Mars!  What’s next?

It feels like another day; only – wait – the air is clear, and maybe Truth is coming closer to a union with Justice.

So, What’s Going On?

Mars is moving ahead in direct motion; but Saturn, Neptune, and Pluto are retrograde now. These three outer planets are twisting deeply like a roto-rooter, digging out ‘data’ held in situations, facts, figures, and even meetings that were intended to remain private.

This week begins with the moon in Aquarius.  Let this air sign inspire you in your search for self-expression.

Even the moon needs a rest after her culmination, and she rests easy much of this week.

On Monday the moon trines Venus (Aquarius to Gemini, on Tuesday, the Moon trines Jupiter and sextiles Saturn, and on Wednesday, the Moon sextiles Uranus; these are all favorable aspects to help you Regulate and Integrate.

Although the lunar aspects are relatively easy, this is not a week to sleep, rather, it’s a rich time to work smoothly and efficiently.   It’s also a valuable time to work on you own roto-rooter projects.

It’s your time to address anything that is old, decaying, and/or in need of a major clean out.

The Days of Revelation

The fertile days of Integration slowly come to a close as we move towards the last quarter moon on Sunday, July 16th.

The tides are changing; as the sun moves closer to Leo and the Great Solar Eclipse of August 21st, the ‘days of silence’ begin to retreat, and the tides flow towards the ‘days of revelation’.

I’ll see you there.

Capricorn Full Moon – Meltdown or Miracle Maker

Capricorn Full Moon – Saturday, July 8 at 9:07 pm Pacific / 12:07 am  Eastern

Surely this week’s full moon holds a secret as she prepares to join (conjunct) Pluto.

How dare the moon dance so close with Pluto without a vital mission? It would seem that the capricious world situation hosts the possibility for meltdown with this lunation; however  .  .  .

Cancer (the sign of the Sun) and Capricorn (the sign of the full moon) have a unique relationship; to truly understand it you must remember that Capricorn is a Saturn ruled sign.

Chaos is not Saturn’s style. And, although Capricorn has a negative reputation for being power hungry, this sign doesn’t want to waste resources. Meltdown is just not Capricorn’s style. But, Cap can learn to get out of the way to facilitate miracles!

Saturn (and Capricorn) gives:
Accountability –  YES
Restriction – USUALLY
Responsibility – ALWAYS
Big, Bad, Old Meanies – YEAH
Chaos – RARELY

It’s the RARE chance of chaos that I hope you can take away from this post.

With Mars united with the Sun and opposing the Moon/Pluto conjunction – perhaps it takes the threat of nuclear disaster to get the attention of the world.  But – what does it take for YOU to get going?

Pluto is a higher octave of Mars so, you can once again move beyond the naysayers through the understanding that on the Universal level, this full moon refines the base nature of Mars.

Simply put – Pluto is harmonizing Mars and teaching him to grow up.

It is of course, our contribution to hold a space in our hearts for peace and Saturn ruled sensibility!

There is one more important thing to know about this full moon.

Yes, Pluto rules deep transformation, but it is Uranus who really brings on chaos. And, Uranus, in the late degrees of Aries has his eye on the prize of stable, grounded, and powerful Taurus.

Plus, Saturn (in Sag) and Uranus (in Aries) have a fire sign dialogue going right now.

The message is: don’t be afraid to make those changes in your personal life because of instability in the world. You are aligned with us all in this transformation.

Everybody is in this shift; some have closed their long term businesses, others are cloistered in retreat to prepare for a new project. Relationships, jobs, interests, passions – all are up for review, renewal, and realignment.   And, this is the GOOD side of Pluto.

Can you surrender to a MIRACLE in this Pluto ruled season?

Do you dare to claim your place in the cavern of your DREAMS?

Are you willing to risk a journey to the underworld in order to claim your VISION?

Pluto’s name comes from the Latin word: Pluton, meaning ‘the rich one’ and as a ruler of rivers and caverns, he loves the earth. It is humans, not mankind, who has wrought his most fearsome destruction.

The ancients also taught that Pluto was/is a magician. Like Pluto, you may choose to wear a cloak (Pluto wore a helmet of invisibility) and work behind the scenes, but your transformation is inevitable.

Pluto the magician now delivers you to your passage – the point of no return. And, you are the Miracle Maker.

Trust in the path of peace, and go forth with the blessings of unity and love.