Solar Eclipse Unity Message

Just as in ancient times, a solar eclipse today is a reminder that we are guests on a planet and even in a solar system that has its own rhythm and synchronicity.

Symbolically, a solar eclipse unites the Heart (sun) and Soul (moon), and people of all walks and beliefs will unite across the USA today to observe this once in a 100 year event.

Honestly, I’m kind of ready for the hype to be over – this eclipse has gotten to be such a media event that, like Christmas, the real meaning is overshadowed.

But, regardless of the hype – I’m excited! We’ve arrived at a tipping point. Recent events across this land have exposed lingering shadows in the underbelly of this nation and triggered  a necessary clearing of the shadow. With the clearing comes a changing of the guard as truth is brought to the Light.

And today, the event field is in the last, critical degree of Leo – the Heart of the Lion. The new Light that shines will reveal who is a bully and who is really brave.

This event triggers a changing of the guard, and it will illuminate and inspire true leadership.
The solar eclipse travels across the land in a dramatic fashion, and the lightning speed of events will continue – until the earth comes to her new center of balance.

Let the Sun open your heart today and the moon inspire you to fulfill your dreams.

What You Need to Know About Mercury Retrograde

This Mercury retrograde has some unique qualities.

The most important thing you need to know about this Mercury retrograde, August 12 – Sept 5 is that it synchs up with the Aug 21st Solar eclipse like a hand in a glove.

Mercury stationed retrograde Saturday, Aug 12th at 12 degrees Virgo.

Stunningly, this retrograde Mercury stations direct on the Solar eclipse degree at 28 Leo on September 5th!!

Think of the station like a spotlight; the degree that a planet stations, or stands still, is illuminated.

The late, critical degrees of Leo open to receive a massive infusion of Light.

In addition to the usual work of re-work; re-do; and reveal, this retrograde is a torch that ignites the celestial fire of the Solar eclipse. Mercury begins his retrograde in Virgo, the sign of DETAILS; but it ends in LEO.

This Mercury retrograde will purify situations that have had a shiny cover applied to disguise a muddy interior. Mercury is on clean out mission.

Mercury is the planet of logic and mental processes. One of the secrets to understanding Mercury is that he/she has many neutral qualities. To begin, Mercury is even gender neutral; we usually say ‘he’ for the sake of convenience but Mercury is not really masculine.

Mercury  is a servant of your will (the Sun).  Like a child, malleable and looking for guidance, Mercury is eager to take on the directive of other planets, such as Jupiter.

And, Mercury is ‘teachable’ which is why exercises like mirror work are effective.

When you speak into a mirror, you’re communicating and exercising your will (Sun) to learn (Mercury) and then embody positive messages (Jupiter).

In addition to being pangender, Mercury has no conscience, or moral sense.

Mercury takes you to your inner guidance, but Mercury is the messenger, not the message.

As our lives become saturated with media messages, it’s ever more critical to choose what you want YOUR mind to hear, learn, and to repeat. Your mental body is constantly fed form both inner and outer sources.

You must become a parent of your Mercury, not a believer of all that is laid out on the information table.

There is a battle being fought for your mind, and it’s critical that you take charge of what you feed it.

The story of Eve, the apple, and the whispering serpent speaks to this ancient struggle of knowledge versus wisdom.

Eclipses are nothing new, they have happened every year for as long as there has been a sun, moon, and earth.  However, especially for the US, there is an awareness that the upcoming eclipse provides a critical reset, and that we must be vigilant as to the direction we proceed as a nation.

Although the path is across the US, because of the critical degrees and other planetary contributions, the Solar eclipse brings us collectively to a turning point.

Absolutely don’t buy into fear about Mercury retrograde or the eclipse; but be wise, dear one.

Your heart, your mind, and you voice are all collateral in the days ahead.

Astrology Star Cast for August 7

Shifting Gears

Greetings magical being! You’re here at a special time and place – a moment like no other.

This week is a time to harmonize the full moon eclipse energies and prepare for the upcoming solar eclipse on August 21st.

A lot can happen in two weeks.

Planetary precision is exquisite these days. Notably, Mercury stations retrograde this week on Saturday at 12 degrees Virgo. Virgo is about details, and this Mercury retrograde will purify situations that have had a shiny cover applied to disguise a muddy interior. Mercury is on clean out mission.

Retrograde Mercury revisits the solar eclipse degree, 29 Leo, on Friday/Saturday, September 1 /2nd. Mercury next stations direct at 28 Leo on September 5th.

Think of this as a firecracker being lit that adds celestial fire to the Solar Eclipse.

On Sept 3rd and 4th, Mars forms two major aspects:
Mars trine Uranus on Sept 2 and Mercury conjunct Mars on Sept 3rd.

Mercury then stations direct at 28 Leo, (still within the eclipse degree) on Sept 5th, just before the Pisces full moon on Sept 6th.

This is a ton of information, and if you’re one of many, whose head spins when seeing and hearing Astro*Tech, take heart. Your take away, please, is to:

1)    Remain calm and carry on; enjoy the show.
2)    Look within, and take action that purifies your own body, heart, and soul.
3)    Stabilize. Like a ship on the ocean, you must balance of all your systems.

Use this week, August 7 – 13 to modulate your energies.

Every full moon is a time of awareness when the sun and moon are in opposition in the sky.

The opposition  brings up an either-or situation which is emphasized with the dynamic Aquarius/Leo eclipse.

Saturn is the Pearl in your Oyster!

Astrology teaches to dig into the planetary rulers for insight, and if you look at the ancient ruler of Aquarius, then Saturn comes up as an ace card. (Uranus is the modern ruler of Aquarius, but Hellenistic astrology defers to Saturn, and there is a pearl in this oyster.)

Saturn makes you take a hard look and prioritize. The gift of Saturn is longevity, so, if this lunar eclipse has brought you to an either/or situation, study the rules of Saturn to make your decision.

Overall, this is a mellow week wrapped in colorful cellophane of eclipses. You’ll find the space to make necessary shifts to get yourself up to the warp speed that lies ahead. Enjoy.

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Full Moon Eclipse Opens Avatar Gates

The lunar eclipse of August 7th is at 15 Aquarius. Ancient esoteric astrology teaches that the fifteenth degree of all fixed signs opens an energetic vortex known as the Gates of the Avatar.  

This important degree of the fixed signs (Aquarius, Leo, Taurus and Scorpio) activates the midpoint between the  equinoxes and solstices.

Both the solar and lunar eclipses of August also have Universal impact because of the critical degrees they both trigger.

An Avatar is a divine teacher brought to earth, but the spiritual teaching of the Age of Aquarius is that we are all meant to fulfill our own highest potential; to enliven your own Avatar energy.

There are helpers and guides, but as we awaken we are increasingly empowered as creators.

Here are the words of astrologer Dane Rudhyar on the Avatar gates: ‘An ‘Avatar’ in ancient terminology is in fact a release of cosmic energy. These Four Gates are symbolized by the four symbolic creatures: the Bull, the Lion, the Eagle and the Angel.  Each of them depicts a particular type of dynamic release, a particular type or Ray of Power.’

With Rudhyar’s description in mind – the lunar eclipse of August 7th activates the Ray of Power of the Angel/Human realm.

Any eclipse, solar or lunar, is a cosmic re-set. However, not every eclipse will impact your personally, and that’s why it’s important to understand your own astrological chart!

The lunar eclipse is about what your are learning in life, and it impacts your emotions and your thinking.

.   .   .   .   .   .   Imagine that you are a conference, sitting in a large room, and suddenly the lights go out.
After a few minutes the lights come back on, but –something’s different.

When the lights are brought back up, you’re still at the same event, but imagine that there is a new speaker. Physically, the room is still the same, but you are challenged to deal with another person’s point of view.

The lunar eclipse is like an extreme tide; it changes the landscape and changes your point of view. On a positive note – you come to see things differently.

This is a simplified analogy, and ultimately, both the lunar and solar eclipses have to do with Light.
Eclipses are reflections of Light. During a lunar eclipse, the moon passes behind the earth, and is therefore denied the light of the sun.

Remember, because the moon has no light of its own, it can only reflect the light of the Sun.

When the earth comes between the sun and the moon, the realities of life on earth can overwhelm our emotional bodies. With the moon hidden from the sun, fear and even the dark side of your nature is left hanging – for a moment.

The word Light, when used as a noun, is natural agent that stimulates sight and makes things visible.
And Light as a verb is an action that ignites something (fuel) and makes it start to burn.

The upcoming eclipses will impact you more if you have planets or primary cusp houses (ASC, DSC, IC, and MC) at the degree of the eclipse.

So, if you have 15 degrees (with 2 – 3 degrees of wiggle room) of Aquarius, or – any other fixed sign, (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio) you’ll feel this eclipse. Let it be an inspiration, and allow it to open you up.

This full moon urges YOU to release your avatar gift.

And, your chart is a crystal clear road map.

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