Star Cast Predictions for May 22

Hello and Welcome to my weekly Star Cast, where I bring you the update on what’s happening in the world of astrology – and how you can apply the wisdom to enrich your life here on earth.

My key word for this week is: Versatility

One of the beautiful things about the computer age is that there is almost always more than one way to do a task. And, if you cannot accomplish your goal the first time, there are always more chances to complete your objective.

The week begins with a super busy Moon in Aries that makes aspects, or activates to 6 planets!! – Jupiter, Venus, Mars, Pluto, Saturn, and Uranus!

The planets are teachers, and each one has a specific function and message. So, although the moon is decreasing in energy, today is a great day to keep up your momentum from last week; get clear about how you can take things just one more step in a positive direction.

The Sun is now firmly into the early degrees of Gemini, and this week on Thursday, May 25th, the Sun and Moon join for their reset at the Gemini New Moon.

As a mental, air sign, Gemini and its mutable quality keeps you busy when the Sun travels through the zodiac sign.
And, remember that the glyph for Gemini is revealed as the twins.

The ancient wisdom behind this image reminds that two heads are better than one, and that you need not go it alone. This applies to personal and professional partnerships, business ideas, fun excursions, and almost every aspect of life.

In the season of Gemini, it is through sharing and communication that you develop a spiritual relationship with SELF. Gemini is also about equal partnerships, and it is in accordance with ancient teachings that June and/or the season of Gemini is a traditional month for marriages.

This week we are moving through the dark phase of the Moon cycle – perfecting this time for completion which was set up by recent planetary events such as Saturn trine Uranus on May 18th.

In keeping with the tone of this waning moon, on Tuesday, May 23rd the moon moves into Taurus and conjuncts Mercury late in the day. Moon conjunct Mercury is a precursor to the dynamic Gemini New Moon on Thursday.

Venus square Pluto just before the New Moon speaks to decisions that will be made in the lunar month ahead; there will be an important relationship that must be re-negotiated between May 25th and July 23rd.

Mars opposing Saturn on May 28th confirms this; be prepared to negotiate and be patient as you have to work through frustrating irritations.

Don’t lose your momentum. The early part of this week is a great time for positive strides on completing a long standing project, or resolving an issue that has been lingering in the background.

Versatility is a gift of the New Age, and that there are many ways to reach your goal. Clear your emotional space by tending to practical matters so that you can embrace fresh energy of the Gemini New Moon on Thursday.

Wishing you many blessings as you reach for the stars!

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Star Cast Predictions for May 15

My key words for this week are: Clarity and Solidarity

The week starts succinctly with the moon in Capricorn, and early in the afternoon, that Saturn ruled moon conjuncts Pluto.

Pluto and Saturn like construction and authority – think of these two planets as having the power and organizational ability to build the great pyramids.

Indeed, as you look around on the surface level of world events, you see that authority has become a big deal; as in, who has the power to make decisions over the lives of others.

And, the deeper question dives into motivation – are people motivated by greed, power, or the desire to do good in the world.  It’s interesting to note that Capricorn’s (and Saturn’s) two governing values are time and money.

As the Moon and Pluto conjunct today, your secret to success this week is to be clear on how you can positively utilize your time, and to develop a positive relationship with money. Living in harmony with time and money gives you power over your own life – which brings about both Clarity and Solidarity.

Also today, Mercury enters Taurus and by Saturday, May 20th, Mercury will have cleared the shadow of his previous retrograde phase.  This reinforces the idea that this week is not necessarily one to initiate life changing actions; rather, it’s a valuable time to plan and prepare for the steps you will execute after the Gemini new moon of May 25th.

Tuesday is a stressful day with the moon forming harsh aspects to Uranus and Mercury before going void of course at 11 am Eastern time. Translated this means – take the afternoon OFF; read a book, visit a museum, go to the beach, or take a walk in nature. Tuesday is simply not a day for difficult negotiations or major strides.

Wednesday, however, is a great day to make and keep appointments and socialize as the Aquarius moon forms a sextile to Venus, and trines both Jupiter and Mars. Again, in plain language – Wednesday is a breezy and kind day when you like people and they like you. For example, it’d be a great day to attend a business networking event.

The rest of this week, May 15 – the 21st leans back into my key words of Clarity and Solidarity. On Thursday, Saturn trine Uranus promotes orderly and disciplined change. This is an excellent day to schedule a meeting that will be productive.

On Friday, Venus opposing Neptune makes you take off the rose colored glasses; however, the advantage is that you will see things as they really are, not as you hope they might be.

Finally, on Saturday, the Sun changes signs and enters Gemini.

Amidst the uncertainty in today’s world, the days of Taurus provided a respite – I witnessed many marriages and surely found it rewarding to spend time in nature. The season of Gemini will feel like a quickening – in the month of mutable air, things will move quickly, so use this week to plan accordingly.

Wishing you many blessings as you reach for the stars!

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Star Cast Predictions for May 8

Scorpio Full Moon
May 10 at 2:42 PM Eastern

My key phrase for this week is: Amazing Possibilities

This week, on Wednesday, May 10th the moon ripens to full phase in Scorpio. The full phase is exact during the day, so, because of the timing, the moon will actually appear to be most full on Tuesday night.

Scorpio is a sign of regeneration. In traditional astrology, Scorpio is a water sign, but the wisdom tradition of Kabbalah teaches that Scorpio is also affiliated with FIRE.

And, under Scorpio, we learn the spiritual lessons of water, which are sharing and mercy, but also the lessons of Fire; trust, surrender, and judgement.

Scorpio is about irrevocable change – for better or worse, decisions and actions taken when Scorpio is active are ones that have lasting impact. So, choose wisely this week.

If you want to make a permanent and lasting change, a transformation – this is you week to state your intentions and take action.

Let this full moon deliver you to Absolute Clarity! If you’re not sure about something, for example leaving a relationship or a job, wait a bit and get some help in making your decision.

There is another reason I chose the key phrase ‘Amazing Possibilities’ for this week. On Tuesday, May 9th, we have two powerful major planetary aspects. First, the Sun tries Pluto, which is an invitation to step onto the merry go round of Life.

Think of the trine as being in a situation where you’re at an amusement park, watching the ponies go round and round on a carousel. Under the trine, that favorite pony, the most beautiful one that you’ve been admiring – stops right in front of you, and you have to choose whether or not to get on and ride.

Sometimes we get trapped by laziness – thinking, ‘not now, I haven’t finished my cotton candy’ – but in truth, this is your chance  you’ve been waiting for. You must overcome inertia and fear of the unknown.

“Each Person I Meet is a Golden Link in the  Chain of my Good”
Florence Scovell Shinn

Plus, on Tuesday we have a lovely Mercury conjunct Uranus.  This is an aspect of brilliance – and offers a total breakthrough into new possibilities. So, you can see that Tuesday offers a fine set up for the Scorpio Full Moon.

Be open to new opportunities and innovative ways of accomplishment. Greet all people with an inquisitive spirit because you never know who will hand you a breakthrough idea.

Energy Clearing – Mars square Neptune

There is one more planetary event that makes this week special. On Thursday, May 11th, Mars, the planet of action squares Neptune , the planet of illusion. Mars square Neptune is a decisive aspect of clearing the decks – moving out negative energy, and then, Mercury trine Saturn on the same day speaks to finalizing a new foundation – one based on clarity.

Finally, on Friday, May 12th, we have Mars trine Jupiter – think of this as a green light to implement the intentions you have set for this week and even for the remainder of  this year.

Wishing you many blessings as you reach for the stars!

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Star Cast Predictions for May 1

My key phrase for this week is: Start Your Engines

Happy May Day! Since ancient times, the first of May has been a time to celebrate fertility and rebirth. For the ancient Druids of Ireland and the British Isles, May 1st was a day when fires were set and the smoke sanctioned as a blessing to livestock, and even the growth of love.

Today, in the year 2017, May Day comes with a late Cancer moon, which enters Leo at 9 PM Eastern. The lunar aspects are actually stressful today – first Moon opposing Pluto, then later in the day, moon squares Mercury and Uranus. These stressful aspects invite you to dig in your heels, and get clear on your intentions.

The late degrees of Cancer are also noted for fertility, and the 29th degree of Cancer has a unique quality of being known as the ‘millionaire’s degree’. Wealth comes not only from money, but from the riches of health, family, successful relationships, and love. And, the stars invite you today, to recognize your sources of wealth, and to be thankful for them all.

Tuesday is a softer day in the language of the stars with the Leo moon forming a trine to Venus early in the day. Think of the moon and Venus in favorable aspects as the ‘Sweetheart’ aspect – people love you, and you love the world. And, Tuesday ends with another great lunar aspect – Moon sextile Jupiter; not only do you love the world, the world loves you back.

Wednesday  is Hallelujah day – Mercury stations direct! I found this Mercury retrograde to have gotten off to a particularly rough start – especially when Mercury moved back into Aries on 21st. Being a Cardinal, action starting sign, Aries gave life to any Mercury retrograde event that was up for renegotiation.  I was given a prescription by my doctor that made me violently ill, and then she lost the original test results. And, I heard similar stories from many people. So, perhaps you can extend your May Day celebrations in to Wednesday, and give an extra spin around the maypole in celebration of Mercury Direct.

Of course, there is also Cinco de Mayo this week, May 5th, another day of spring festivity. Cinco de Mayo is actually a celebration specific to Mexico and a battle when the Mexican army was unexpectedly victorious over the French.

Aside from lunar aspects, which occur frequently, there are few major planetary aspects this week; nothing until May 9th when the Sun trines Pluto and Mercury, now direct, once again conjuncts Uranus.

So, for this week, let today be your day to get motivated. Take just one hard thing, one thing you’ve been putting off – and give it a go. Today is a perfect day to start your engine and get the week off to a great start.

Wishing you many blessings as you reach for the stars!


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