Venus Igniting Creativity & Inspiration August 9

Venus will be igniting creativity and inspiration, which will be keeping with last weeks’ theme of “Waking up”.

This starts on Monday, August 9th, with Venus and Neptune admiring each other. 

Venus in Virgo and Neptune in Pisces is like two dance partners sizing up the other from across the room and saying ‘YES!’. And they become matched, like two peas in a pod, or two birds of a feather… perhaps even more.

With this placement, the key is to put less focus on your romance and more on self-care!

That's why it's a great time to try things associated with Venus, such as new styles of hair, fashion, or makeup. Music, dancing, art, or going to the movies is also a great way to add more glamour to your life.

Continuing with the ‘no-drama zone’ astrology forecast, Venus in Virgo next interacts with Pluto in Capricorn via another trine on August 11th.

Now, THIS is a great time for romance! Thanks to your increased desire for love and affection. So make room for romance and more dating during this period.

Although Pluto has a fearsome reputation, the truth is Pluto is amenable to whatever planet he is mingling with! So this will be true when it mingles with Venus, it will still boost your creativity and inspiration!

 For example:

– Pluto and Saturn mean challenging lessons.

– Pluto and Jupiter means great opportunities for growth and prosperity

– Pluto and Mercury means respect and impact of ideas

So during this period, there will be artistry, empathy for others, and positive transformation of values!

So there you have it! That's why and how Venus will be Igniting Creativity & Inspiration this week!

The Leo New moon of August 8th set a template for your future, and Venus is filling it nicely. 

Hold on to your most positive vision and know that your creativity and inspiration will serve you to manifest exactly what you want and more!



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Aquarius Full Moon * July 23

This week as the moon waxes, leading up to the Aquarius full moon of July 23rd, your energy and potential for positive change is also growing.

Remember that these planets are now moving out of a mystical configuration called the Yod, aka ‘Hand of God’. Mars, in Leo until July 29th is holding the energetic template.

This week continues the theme of ‘adjustment’ through the activities of Venus, Mars, Neptune, and Pluto.

Venus leads the way when she changes signs and moves into Virgo on Wednesday, July 21.
And next, Mars is inconjunct Neptune on July 18th and inconjunct Pluto on July 22nd.

 Mars says:
Hang in there and go the distance
You may have to overcome discouragement and even lack of energy
Pace yourself and finalize the issue at hand.

This is a time to compromise and listen to others.
And, it's a prime time for personal growth; your ideas may just be enhanced by input from others.

So, how do you get ‘into the flow’?

Aquarius full moon is a unique and mystical time. The very word ‘Mystical’ speaks to unseen forces that come from the Spiritual realm rather than the material world. However, these off-balance aspects have handed you a vehicle to materialize the Hand of God, or the spiritual world.

Mysticism moves you outside of Time and Space. Welcome this time as a unique opportunity to step into a new paradigm as you make peace with all that is.

Maya White

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Cancer New Moon

Uniting Heaven and Earth

The world awaits the the Cancer New Moon of July 9th.  And, Venus in Leo is here to help pave the way.

We have weathered the early stresses of Mars, Saturn, and Uranus (note, the underwater fire burning in the Gulf of Mexico was an apt expression of this planetary event) and Venus is sitting pretty in Leo now.

It’s nice to see the conversation shift to Venus, a planet that speaks to the nicer parts of life.

Venus is in Leo until July 21st, and she has plenty to say in this fixed fire realm.

Venus is here to bring joy back into your life.  But, first, Venus moves into position to soothe the stand-off between Saturn and Uranus.

Last week Mars moved in to do the heavy demolition (Mars opposing Saturn on July 1 and Mars square Uranus on July 3). 

This week the action evolves with Venus opposing Saturn on July 6, and Venus square Uranus on July 8th.

As the moon decreases this week, winding down to the Cancer New Moon on July 9th, Venus pours a soothing balm to that which was broken apart by Mars.

If you heart was broken, recently, or in the past, Venus is here to help you heal.

* If you feel abandoned, Venus urges you to connect with others
* When you feel ignored, Venus asks you to give gratitude
* Do you feel unloved? Venus wants to open your heart

Venus is here to give you hope, and to remind you that there is a Higher order at this time on the earth.

 In love and gratitude, 

Maya White

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Saturn, Mars, and Uranus Critical Mass

This week delivers some dynamic planetary action from Saturn, Mars, and Uranus to add meaning and purpose to your inner life.

Just like Flamenco dancers, Saturn, Uranus, and Mars are reaching critical mass as they move with precision. These planets are bold, colorful, and tightly orchestrated.

Like a master of illusion, Saturn in Aquarius has surprise moves up his sleeve.

Saturn does well in Aquarius; he loses some of his forbidding tendencies and gains the leverage of intelligence. However, on July 1st Saturn is tested through an opposition from Mars in Leo.

Saturn and Mars are playing out a classic example of ‘Oppositional Defiant Disorder’; anger, arguing, and irritability are all symptoms of ODD. 

Plus, to keep things interesting, Uranus lands right in the middle playing the kingpin in an astrological
T-Square. On one level, this looks like pouring gasoline on a tinder block. Boom!

However, there is always a positive way forward. You may be tempted to flex your temper or practice your argumentative skills in this planetary environment.

It’s more important than ever for you to maintain your sense of balance and discernment. It’s a lunar wind down phase, but do not be lulled into non-action.

You dear human must practice discernment. The planets are in a fast dance with little time to think – you must act instinctively and take positive action.

Make today the best day of your life – the world awaits your contribution.

 In love and gratitude, 

Maya White

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