Full Moon Lunar Eclipse – the Secret Revealed

Chiron is a wise Mentor, and Shaman

Eclipse are always mysterious, and the Capricorn/Cancer full moon lunar eclipse of July 4/5 is no exception.

Tonight’s full moon Lunar Eclipse comes with a planetary signature of a dynamic T-square – this is a tension aspect created by Mars and Chiron in Aries forming a square to the Capricorn moon and the Sun in Cancer.

Like two archers drawing back on their bowstrings, Mars and Chiron will guide, and release the energy of this eclipse.

This is not a predictor of troubles, rather, it releases the Universal tension that is so prevalent. These release won’t happen overnight; rather it’s a systematic process that is clearing Hallowed ground for the next dynamic full moon Lunar Eclipse on November 30th.

Mars and Chiron carry the signature of Divine Masculinity.

Both Chiron and Mars are warrior planets. Mars, especially in Aries, delivers pure fire. Mars has lots of energy, but is lacking in discernment. Now the fire of Mars is tempered by Chiron, the wounded Shaman and Mentor.

Chiron is teaching Mars; lessons such as:
* Irresponsible aggression returns like a boomerang
* You reap what you sow
* Your life on Earth is a reflection of your vibration

These are lessons for us all to incorporate.

Tonight, the Earth passes in between the Sun and the Moon, and it is the shadow of the Earth that actually darkens the moon for this penumbral Lunar Eclipse.

The darkening of the moon will be subtle, perhaps not even visible without a telescope. But visibility does not deny it’s power – in face, shadow events are often the strongest.

This eclipse passes over the land masses of most of North and South America. Think of these countries, and know that institutions are being re-set upon the land, implementing corrections in Environment, Culture, Politics, and Power Structures through the release of Divine Male energy

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Taurus New Moon – Moving Heaven on Earth

The Taurus new moon teaches you how to create heaven on earth

The Taurus new moon of April 22 is about making decisions and even taking risks, not just playing in the fields. 

Within these challenging days, I hope that you and your family are safe, and that you’ve been finding time to connect with nature.

Surely, this has been a time for everyone to regroup, and the sign of Taurus is all about the earth.

Each new and full moon carries messages in the way that it interacts with the other planets, and this one is loud and clear. With the moon square, or in challenging aspect to Pluto, Jupiter, and Saturn, the theme is about stepping out of your comfort zone.

Each of the 12 signs of the zodiac carry a precise code that impacts the world on a sub-atomic level. And the external world is a reflection of hidden spiritual essences.

You, as a human, are the link between the two worlds – the unformed and the manifest.
As a divine creator, tonight’s New Moon in Taurus is prime real estate for you to claim your divinity.

A sign of growth and fertility, Taurus reminds us that we are made of the very earth that we live on. Gloriously, the beautiful earth is filled with sunrises and sunsets, animals, trees, and flowers.

However, one of the most powerful lessons of Taurus is that at some point we all have to leave the field of flowers. Next, you stand upright and make a choice. Your decision is what moves Heaven on Earth.

It’s true that situations change, and people move on, so not all decisions are permanent. But they are Powerful in the moment. And the present moment is really all that you have to master.

Your ability to master free will choice is the greatest gift of all. How will you use your divine gift; what do you wish to create?

It’s likely that your next creation will involve some level of risk.

Your challenge (and the gift) now is to experience change without fear and to hold the course.

Powerfully, this new moon speaks about releasing judgement against self and others and practicing the mercy of forgiveness. This is done as you connect your heart and your mind.

Living in Gratitude and Love; this is how you move Heaven on Earth.

Wishing you the blessings of health and love.  

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The Illumination of Mars and Saturn

Mars got a chill down when he entered Aquarius yesterday. And, today Mars further loses some of his fire as he meets up with Saturn. 

Keywords will help you understand Mars conjunct Saturn in Aquarius.

Here are some good ones:
Will power (Mars) unites with Discipline (Saturn)
Enthusiasm (Mars) joins Determination (Saturn)
Preparation (Saturn) finds Expression (Mars)

This planetary conjunction of Mars and Saturn can actually be viewed from the earth and without a telescope! Mars is brighter, but Saturn you can also see in the early morning sky. Jupiter is there, too. (The only thing hard about seeing this trio is getting up early in the morning) . . .

In the language of astrology, Mars and Saturn are pragmatic, but they serve as Light Bearers today to illuminate our best way forward.

To understand how the planetary alignments play out in real life it’s insightful to examine the character of people who were born with these configurations in their natal charts.

Here are two good examples: Tennis pro Venus Williams was born with Mars conjunct Saturn, and also singer, relentless entrepreneur and human dynamo, Dolly Parton.

These two women are great models of discipline and determination fueled by enthusiasm and will power.

Genghis Khan, the legendary Mongolian warrior was also born with Mars conjunct Saturn.

The planets are teachers, and, what they are showing you now is that this what is possible; your Highest Order. The stars are calling your name, spiritual warrior, to unite on the goal of global healing.

There is something new in the energy field with Mars and Saturn now both in Aquarius.

Saturn is stronger in Aquarius than Mars is, so Saturn has the upper hand on rough and tumble Mars. Saturn is teaching Mars some manners.

People are remembering how to be kind and respectful, yet effective.

And, ideally, as ‘we the people' (Aquarius) are practicing confinement (Saturn) and with grace, this global plague will lose virulence (Mars).

On Saturday, April 4th Jupiter is conjunct Pluto. It’s interesting to note that two other pandemic viruses occurred when Jupiter and Pluto were conjunct – the Spanish Flu (1919 JU/Pl in Cancer) and the Hong Kong flu (1968 JU/Pl in Virgo).

The stars are such good teachers, and the dates of Jupiter/Pluto conjunctions for 2020 are: April 4, June 30, and November 12.

However, not every conjunction of Jupiter and Pluto has brought an epidemic, in fact, these two planets are also known as ‘the millionaire maker' so – although there is a huge undercurrent of stress and confusion, now is also a time for great gains.

Richness is not only about money, it's about having a fulfilled and satisfied life.

You must consciously choose to embrace Light over darkness.

So, it’s time to be a good soldier and practice the discipline of Saturn– stay inside and do your work. Truly, this is an unparalleled time for growth and personal creativity as long as you keep the wolves of fear at bay.

Astrology predicted that something huge was coming, and indeed, across the globe, our lives have been transformed. It’s uncomfortable most, tragic for some, but certainly a time of irrevocable change for all.

I believe in positive evolution united with the goodness of human nature and that this will open the heart of humankind. Your creativity and the power of love are the missing and magical ingredients that will heal ourselves and the earth.

This I know to be true.

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March Time and Transformation

Astrologically speaking, this month is about time and transformation. 

It's pretty much a reversal of the old saying: ‘March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb’. The planetary energies of March of 2020 come in like a lamb, and go out like a LION!

The early days of March are softer and subtle – a reference to the lamb. Remember that Mercury is retrograde until March 9th. Although inconvenient, Mercury retrograde is a time for reflection, review, and (yes) you can even get in some relaxation as the usual forward motion of everyday life is temporarily re-directed.

Plus, Venus enters Taurus on the 4th, where she stays until early April. Venus is the planetary ruler of the sign Taurus, so think of it like the Queen being home in her favorite castle. Taurus is the sign where Venus can let her hair down and get comfortable.

Even Venus conjunct Uranus on March 8th can be a special day of entertainment. When these two planets join forces anything can happen, and it’s often a lively reflection of the illumination that only Uranus can add to your everyday life.

Also, the Sun conjunct Neptune on March 8th lends a rainbow-like atmosphere to these early days of the month. Even Friday the 13th is a mellow day with the Scorpio moon forming only favorable aspects, sextiles and trines, to Mars, Neptune, Jupiter, Sun, and Pluto!

However, the quandaries of the world have never really left; they will be illuminated as Mars lights the flame of transformation. Planetary heavyweights, Saturn, Jupiter, and Pluto will be ignited as Mars rapidly approaches and joins, or conjuncts them at 22 – 24 degrees of Capricorn.

After the last quarter moon on March 16th – things start to heat up. Mars is the planetary cosmic activator. He will stir things up in the world, and as a personal planet, he knows how to get under your skin.

The question becomes: do you want Mars to give you an irritating rash, or a positive kick in the pants? You decide.

In astrology, Mars reflects your energy, your drive, and your willingness to go for what you want.
The last two weeks of March are stunning with a once in a lifetime series of activations.

Mars conjuncts Jupiter on March, 20th, Pluto on the 23rd, and Saturn on March 31st.

All planetary situations have both personal and Universal impact and this transit of Mars is no exception. Frankly, on the world stage, things can get wild as Mars lights up the explosive qualities of Jupiter, the stern side of Saturn, and the nefarious potential of Pluto.

Winning at this time means not getting distracted from your personal goals. The positive side of this Mars alignment gives you: spiritual protection (Jupiter), discipline and concentration (Saturn), and courage combined with a willingness to overcome obstacles (Pluto).

I know that you’ll use this information to stay on the sunny side of life. Stay alert and on track in this amazing time and you’ll embrace a fabulously positive future.

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