Solstice is here! June 21st

summer solstice

Yesterday, June 20th, just before midnight (Eastern US, Monday, June 21st at 3:32 UTC), the Sun entered Cancer – the marker of Solstice!


In addition, there are more astrological events that add to the significance of Solstice 2021. 


We are still eagerly waiting for Mercury to station direct (June 22nd); the days before Mercury changes direction can feel a bit like the doldrums. 


 But, don't be anxious; instead, you can enjoy this planetary respite. 


Right now, Mercury is also standing still, otherwise known as a ‘station.'


During this time, this station will intensify Mercury's energy.


Essentially, Mercury is resting while planning his next mission or mischief.  


Plus, every year on Solstice, the Sun also stands still in the sky. After all, Solstice is derived from Sol (Sun) and sister (standing still). 


If you are a skywatcher, you can observe the Sun move northward each day. I live on the water with a fabulous Eastern view, and it has been phenomenal to see how far the rising Sun moves northward each day. 


The Sun stands still for approximately three days after June! 


There are two more notable planetary events this week: 


  •            Venus trine Neptune on June 21st
  •            Venus opposing Pluto on June 23rd
  •            Venus is in Cancer until June 26/27.


Here are some words from one of my favorite astrologers, Evangeline Adams (1968 – 1933), to help you understand Venus in the different signs: 


“One might attribute Venus in fire (signs) as passionate, earth affectionate, air ideal or romantic, and water, voluptuous”.  


Adams succinctly describes Venus in Cancer as “voluptuous” (I love it). As Venus moves into Leo on June 26th, she enters the realm of “fire and passion.” 

summer solstice venus


So, voluptuous Venus in Cancer trines Neptune on Solstice and opposes Pluto two days later. 


In the language of the stars, Solstice 2021 is saying: “Be still, stay calm (trine Neptune), hold steady (oppose Pluto), and allow yourself to go deeply into the stillness. Hold space for a new and peaceful way of living.”


In love and gratitude, 

Maya White

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Saturn Square Uranus on June 14th!

Saturn square uranus

June 14th is a special day this year – it’s the day Saturn and Uranus move into their exact square aspect – the second of three times it will happen this year.

The remaining 2021 date for this is December 24.  

Here’s an easy way to understand Saturn square Uranus:

  • Saturn = Old Guard, the Establishment, What Has Been
  • Uranus = Reformation, New Power, Structures,
  • These two planets going square represents unforeseen changes.

Saturn square Uranus happens in 22/24-year cycles, and it’s always helpful to look back at what happened previously.

Throughout history, this event has been associated with financial restructuring, including the financial crisis of 1930/31 and a monetary readjustment in 1884 – 1886.

Value and Worth

It’s telling that in astrology, the 2nd house addresses both your earned income and your self-worth. The teaching is that the contribution you make in the world is a foundation of how you value yourself.

Globally, careless resource management has time and time again led to disasters as the precious resources of Mother Earth are wasted.

Regardless of what happens in the world financial markets, the core of successful resource management is realizing the true VALUE of that thing.

saturn square UranusSo, Saturn square Uranus brings up some deep questions, such as:

  • Do you value time over money?
  • What do you want to do with your life?
  • What do you want to do with your money?

Saturn and Uranus both impact you globally and culturally as well as personally. Think about what you truly value and embrace the freedom that comes with commitment. 

With love and respect,

Maya White

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New Moon Solar Eclipse – Manifest Your Reality

New Moon Solar EclipseMuch was brought to the Light during the Sagittarius full moon. This month, we have a New Moon Solar Eclipse on June 10th to make manifesting your new reality easier!

So now it's time to look to an even brighter future.

As well as this New Moon Solar Eclipse, there are some intense planetary events this month, including Saturn square Saturn on June 14th.

This planetary square is the 2021 theme of tension between the old (Saturn) and the new (Uranus), the proven and the speculative, of loyalty and freedom.

 However, June begins with a beneficial Moon and Jupiter conjunction on the 1st. Jupiter is now seen only in the morning sky, but seeing the Moon joined with Jupiter is worth getting up early for.

And, be excited about June 3rd! This is when Jupiter in Pisces will trine Venus in Cancer! These are the two benefices of astrology forming a beneficial water trine aspect.

Although it happens fast and will be short-lived (June 2, 3, and 4), this trine is good for finances and social enjoyment. Let the good times roll.

Home Sweet Home

Venus enters Cancer on Wednesday, June 2nd. When Venus is in Cancer, you become more magnetic and in tune with your feelings. This placement also can make you want a bit more comfort in your lifestyle, adding a desire for the ‘good life. In addition to increasing your magnetic vibe, Venus in Cancer also increases your sensitivity! So, don't take everything personally!

June will be an essential month to stabilize your finances. Many people are in post-pandemic spending mode, paying for trips and eating out, but Venus will be urging you to hold onto your money – like the crab.

This Venus in Cancer also favors artistry and expression, making it a great month to invite friends over and enjoy some music and creativity.

June is going to be a rich time to connect with people. After all, Mercury is retrograde until June 22nd anyway – so why not enjoy your downtime?!

This first week wraps up with Mars opposing Pluto on Saturday, June 5th. Karmically, this aspect is teaching you to ‘play nice. Of course, not everybody will get the ‘play nice' memo, so it's important to avoid power struggles.

If you see that conflict is unavoidable, maintain objectivity.

To wrap things up for this post, here's what you need to keep in mind:

 * Start consciously creating your own reality. You have more power than you know!

 * Work on those money-making projects you've been scheming on, this is your sign!

* Now is a great time to invest in your relationships. Go ahead and make plans with the people in your life!

* You may be more sensitive and prone to experience power struggles at this time. Try and be more objective

Remember that collectively we are all evolving, learning, and becoming better than ever before.

Wishing you a rewarding and successful month ahead.

In Love and Service,

Maya White

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Spring Solar Eclipse!

Spring Solar Eclipse.

Of course, this week is unique because the New Moon presents the Spring Solar Eclipse!

This week the energy of the lunation cycle, or the stages of the Moon, is winding down. Until Thursday, the Moon gets smaller in size each night, reflecting less of the Sun's solar Light.

And then, on June 10th, the cycle begins again with a Gemini New Moon. In this ever-changing world, the lunation cycle of the Moon is something you can count on!

You can see from images that the Sun, the Moon, and Earth are precisely aligned during an eclipse, and the energy is funneled, making it stronger.

Plus, for this week's eclipse, the Sun and Mercury are conjunct, adding an exclamation point to an already charges celestial event.

From Earth, at New Moon, we only see the (mostly invisible) shadow of the Moon. It's dark because the illuminated side is facing the Sun. This is why New Moons are such a powerful time for rituals and setting intentions.

 Although not seen (on the Earth), your desires (intentions) are fully illuminated by the Solar Light.

Next, day by day, as the Moon grows in size, your intentions are brought forth by the Light of the Sun and manifest on the Earth during this Spring Solar Eclipse.

Gemini rules speaking, writing, conceptualizing, and planning – all the things that you use to co-create with Spirit! This New moon makes it an especially great time for planning, speaking, and writing down your intentions for the rest of the month!

Your words and intentions are paramount.

Your observations are critical, and your actions amplified.

Sending wishes that you will manifest countless blessings and experience bliss during this Spring Solar Eclipse.

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In Love and Service,

Maya White

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