Leo Full Moon – I AM that I AM

Tonight’s full moon illuminates the sign of Leo. This moon being somewhat closer to the earth than usual, it is big, full, and (if the weather is good where you live) bright.

Leo Full Moon – February 9 at 20 degrees Leo 

Ancient wisdom teaches that Leo, Aquarius, Taurus, and Scorpio, the four fixed zodiac signs are entry points for Source, the way that Divine energy to come to the earth.

So, now, the Sun in impersonal Aquarius, and the moon in very personal Leo we are uniquely connected to Source.

One of the most intriguing qualities of the sign Leo is personal creativity. Not only does Leo highlight creativity, it come with ego, which is how you show the world what YOU have to give. But the word ego has a negative connotation of extreme pride.

Ego is one of the great challenges of the Leo/Aquarius axis. Really, ego is an extension of the profound statement: ‘I AM’.

And, what is more powerful than an awareness of your being? Psychology says that ‘ego is just ego’; it’s a part of the human psyche that is essential to your survival.

But there is something even more powerful.

Ego and the Aquarius/Leo axis reflects one of the greatest challenges to humankind – our fall from grace as illustrated in the story of Adam and Eve. This wisdom story teaches that ego is wrapped around a profound challenge which is a disconnection from our creator.

The human ego is not really your true self! Ego relies on labels, definitions, and measurements of who has more. True power is the experience of: I AM THAT I AM. This is what will set you free!

This full moon invites you to express your gifts and talents.  Ultimately, the Leo full moon opens a gate for you to come home to your true self – your spiritual mansion.

The secret  is that your mansion, your spiritual home, is readily available. You only need to step inside; it’s supportive, nurturing and infinitely interesting because it’s the field of all possibilities.

Your connection to the power of creation is available in every moment and you can access it through your stillness, your focus, your breath, and your command.

With love and acknowledgement of who you really are,

Maya White

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2020 is an important year to know what the stars have to say, and how they can help you.

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Aquarius New Moon Lights up Your Genius

Although it’s late into the month, January 24th is really the first New Moon of 2020, and indeed, this one sets a template for the year ahead. This New Moon occurs on Friday, January 24th at 4:42 pm Eastern US time.

Are you ready to Light up your Genius? This Aquarius New Moon wants to help you embark on a new journey, and the planets say it’s time to reassess your goals and revise your strategies, and let your Light SHINE.

This New Moon has lots of spice. First flavor is Sun/Moon square Uranus. If you want to make a change, just get Uranus involved. In this case, the Universe is on board to help you! 

Also, Venus sitting nicely conjunct Neptune emphasizes your artistic side. These two working together set a tone for beauty and magic. The planets now invite you to stake your claim in the fertile ground of your dreams.

However, in this New Moon chart Venus and Neptune form a challenging square to Mars.

The spiritual lesson of Mars square Neptune is to overcome discouragement, to learn to pick yourself up and move beyond your past – in short – to practice forgiveness of self and others.

So, this lunation presents some practical and spiritual challenges.

Moon square Uranus can bring on unpredictable emotional storms, so don’t waste this amazing transformational energy in petty arguments or blow ups. Rather, seek to access the creative matrix of Universal energy to manifest the calling of your Highest Self.

Also known as ‘the Water Bearer’, Aquarius is an air sign. The Water that Aquarius pours out is the vital spiritual essence that renews and nourishes all things.

Uranus is a catalyst which propels two seemingly unrelated things to interact and create something completely new. This may apply to your ideas, your plans, maybe your living situation – what ever needs the boost of a catalyst.

Here are some key phrases for the Aquarius New Moon:
Radical New Beginnings * * * Spontaneous Shift * * * A New Paradigm
Super Creativity * * * Nervous Tension * * * Desire for Freedom

As always, you want to know where this powerful New Moon fits in your personal chart, and how it will better your life.

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2020 is an important year to know what the stars have to say, and how they can help you.

Wishing you many blessings as you reach for the stars!

Maya White

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Saturn and Pluto – Riding out the Perfect Storm

Saturn and Pluto conjunct create a perfect storm.
There is a pot of gold held within this Saturn and Pluto conjunction.

This week culminates a ‘Perfect Storm’ of astrological transits. We have a Cancer/Capricorn Full Moon lunar eclipse on Friday, plus the long-heralded triple  Saturn/Pluto/Mercury conjunction on Sunday, January 12th.

This is indeed a momentous astrological event, and the one thing you DO want to know is: where does this land in your personal astrological chart. Take a look at your chart and identify the house placement for  20 – 25 degrees of Capricorn in your chart. 

The Full Moon lunar eclipse reinforces that the Saturn/Pluto conjunction is like arriving at a finish line. And, remember that the Full Moon signals a harvest time.

So many people forget to harvest the fruits of their hard labors. Saturn and Pluto are functioning like weight trainers to ask if you have the will to step up and take what is rightfully yours.

Mercury adds an interesting flavor here. I see Mercury like a referee waving the flag at the finish line saying: ‘you made it!’. However, Mercury is also a trickster; he is going to ask if you feel deserving as well as demand that you cross the ‘t’s’ and dot the ‘I’s’ before collecting your prize.

You’ve undoubtedly had to do some heavy lifting, after all, Saturn can feel like a dead weight. And Pluto, well, sometimes Pluto just feels dead. So, remember the finish line concept . . . yes, it’s a true ending.

This time signals the ending of institutions (Capricorn) that have served us collectively, as well as forms that aided you personally. You are going to experience this both internally and externally.

Where this conjunction and eclipse impact your chart will help you identify the parts of your life that will be reinvigorated in the months ahead. But, you know, life goes on, and 2020 is a dynamic year. This week’s full moon eclipse lights a gestation oven for your personal growth.

There are a few more important dates to keep in mind. On March 20th the January eclipse point will be activated by a Mars/Jupiter conjunction. And, then on April 4th, Jupiter conjuncts Pluto. This will all keep you focused on what needs to happen – for you to grow. And, just like your North Node – it’s not going to go away. The good news is – there are huge gains to be had.

2020 promises a flowering of your desires and efforts. Keep going, growing, and flowing.

Wishing you many blessings on your journey!

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Gemini Full Moon – Your Date With Destiny

Gemini Full Moon – December 12

Your words, and thoughts do have power, and this week’s 12/12 full moon reminds us all that manifestation follows your intentions. The spiritual depth of Gemini teaches just how powerful words can be.

This weeks’ full moon cycle peaks at the start of the day on Thursday, technically the 12th day of the 12th month, and at 12:12 AM eastern US time. Certainly, there is a synchronicity of numbers as even 12 x 4 breaks down to 12!

In ancient mystic traditions, the number 12 represents Divine Order, Perfection, and Entirety. So, this full moon seals the year and even the decade. Are you ready for the New Year ahead?

Twelve is also related to the planet Jupiter which takes 12 years to rotate fully around the Sun, and it is Jupiter in concert with Uranus, Mars, and Venus that will take on prominence in 2020. Venus and Jupiter, both in Capricorn now, function like leavening in the dough of Pluto and Saturn – they bring Light and cheer to an otherwise heavy state of affairs.

Or, you can think of Venus and Jupiter as the cosmic gate crashers to an otherwise (so) serious meeting where nobody’s having any fun; the ice of cold Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn is breaking up, and 2020 looks to be a better year.

But, first back to the present – our Gemini full moon.

Venus, the planet of love and beauty is your ‘date’ for the event. On Wednesday, December 12th, Venus conjunct (or joins) Saturn, and on Friday, (the 13th) Venus is conjunct Pluto. Your job is simple – let Venus bring you to a place of power with ease and grace.

You may be weary from all of the heavy lifting that 2019 has brought, but this full moon signals that it’s time to align with your vision. If you don’t have a vision, or if you feel that your burdens have taken you off course, now is the time to realign.

Gemini, the sign of this month’s full moon teaches that information is readily available, but you must still the chaos and incessant chatter of your logical mind and meet your Higher Mind, or Higher Self, to find the truth. If you can find peace, know that Wisdom, connection, Divine Order and Perfection are in the stars for this lunation.

Wishing you the grace of Venus, the wisdom of Saturn, and the depth of Pluto for this powerful full moon.

Wishing you many blessings as you reach for the Stars

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